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Batta- Batni

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A wonderful event, very well planed and organized.Indeed a pride for all of us who attended the camp.All the events have been covered by pictures. Congratulations to the organizers.
Added By Udhey Aima
Pictures look great and it must have been an exciting event for the participants. Need to have more cultural events like this allover the world. Congratulations to the event organizers.
Added By Ashok Dhar
Just beautiful. Keep it up--the Viraassat!
Added By Shiban Raina
The photographs of the event, takes me back to the old memories,when Batta would be in Dastaar and Battanya with Tarang.The Batani Tarang itself carries a great spiritual history of Kashmiri ethos. Dr Hutta Mutta is both a humour and a satire.Sushma Kalla Ji deserves every appreciation for her playing CHHakri and Bhajans,in the modern rhythm.Raja Yudhishter of the "Draupadi Haran play"' deserves every appreciation.
Added By Chaman Lal Raina
Nice pix.Kudos to organisers. Please post video of Koshur Wanwun
Added By Arun Trakroo
These images and videos take you back to the memory lane. Everyone looks cheerful and it seems to be a real fun event. Gatherings like these makes us closer to our roots. God bless you all.
Added By Awtar Wali
Excellent! After so many years I saw so many "Batnees" performing in this weay and remindede me a Kashmiri song "AES LOLE BHARAV YETH GULZARS---YI CHU SONE WATTAN YI CHU SONE CHAMAN"The scene of Draupdi Vaster Haran has made me conscious as to how long we have to remain in " AGYATWAS" We too seem to have a King like Dhatrashtra. Involvement of kids has assured us that our culture shall remain safe. Thanks to organisers.
Very nice Job done.
Added By Dr. Vijay Wali MD
A great show, congrates to the Participants & Organisors.
Added By satish Kr Pandita
Dr Nehru and his colleagues deserve all the praise for holding such a successful event .This is the excellent platform for keeping batta united .I think we should hold World KP Meet in near future .Namaskar
Added By kiran kalla
I really like these events & really happy about the people who have been inititors for all these type of events....My only request to you all is to teach you Kids our Language(speak only for sure) as i am sure nobody knows the Sharda script now....I am one of the guys who started speaking kashmiri, once i went to college in Pune....
Added By Amit Koul