Tschur Tschut/Rice Flour Crepe (with video)


Tschur Tschut/Rice Flour Crepe*Recipe
by ChandraMukhi Ganju
Tschur Tschut
Recipe Video
Tschur Tschut/Rice Flour Crepe:

Serving size: 4 people


1½ cup of rice flour/to’mul oat available at Indian and Chinese stores

Vegetable cooking oil

Salt to taste

½ tsp of black or white zeera/cumin seed

Pinch of red chili powder (if desired)

3 cups of water


Take rice flour in a bowl and mix salt, cumin and chili powder to flour.

Add water to mixture in bowl, and mix well.

Heat flat pan or tawa on stove.

Spread oil with brush or spoon on tawa.

Turn stove to medium flame.

Pour mixture of rice flour (looks like milk) on pan or tawa in a circular pattern (as shown in picture below).

Turn heat or flame to high and cook until tschut will start separating from tawa, spread oil on the top of tschut with brush or spoon.

Turn tschhur tschut to cook on other side also.

Cook until tschut becomes crispy.

tschuur tschot is ready.

Serve hot with kehwa.

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