Recipe Collection


by ChandraMukhi Ganju
(A collection of 12 recipes with some videos published in Shehjar)
Seyun Kaliya/Yellow Meat Monji Haak/Kohlrabi
Kashmiri Fish (Gaad) Curry Veri Masala/Kashmiri Spices
Sheer Chai/Pink Tea Nadur(Lotus Root) Yakheni
'Roth' with Punn story 'Ghari pur'/ fried bread
Allo Tikki/Potato Patty Tschur Tschut
Mo'ng V'or Tscho'chi vor / Rice bread
Koshur Saal
Traditional, Quick and Easy Kashmiri Cuisine
With 184 recipes and over 280 full color illustrations
by Ms. Chandramukhi Ganju
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