Kashmiri Recipe: Nadur/Lotus Root Yakheni


Nadur/Lotus Root Yakheni:
by ChandraMukhi Ganju

Nadur/Lotus Root Yakheni

Cultural importance: Nadur yakhen is a specialty cooked on weddings and other important occasions by Kashmiri Hindus.
Serving size: 3-5 people


½ kg or 1 lb. of nadur/lotus root (available at Chinese and Indian store in U.S.A)

1 tsp. of white zeera/cumin seed/zeur

½ tsp. of badiyan/fennel powder

1 tsp. of shonth/ginger powder

½ tsp. powder or 1 stick cinnamon/dalchini

2 cloves/loung/roung

4 green elaichi/cardamom

½ tsp of black zeera

1 big elaichi/cardamom

2 bay leaves/tej pata

Pinch of heeng /asafetida

2 tbsp. of vegetable cooking oil

Salt to taste

1-1/2 cup of beaten low fat yogurt and half cup of beaten low fat sour cream (available at all supermarkets in milk section).

Peel the skin and wash nadur.

Cut nadur into 2 ½ inch long round pieces.

Adagio TeasTake 1 ½ cup of water in pressure cooker or cooking pan.

Add nadur to water in pan or pressure cooker.

Add 2 small and big crushed elaichi; roung, dalchin, heeng, tej pata; zeera, salt, and heeng.

Cook nadur in a pan till nadur is tender or in pressure cooker, cook for 5 minutes.

Open the lid of pressure cooker to check for tenderness.

Beat yogurt, sour cream, shonth, badiyan, and crushed zeera in deep-bottomed bowl.

Take oil in a separate cooking pan.

Add mixture of yogurt to oil and sauté at a low heat with constant stirring.

Boil the whole mixture and add to nadur in pressure cooker or pan and cook for 5-10 minutes at medium flame.

Crush green elaichi and black zeera, and sprinkle over nadur yakhen. Cover the pan/cooker to retain exotic aroma.

Serve with white boiled rice.

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