Kashmir - The untold story


Kashmir - The untold story
Deepak Ganju

A recent visit to Kashmir revealed the facts at ground zero. One gets impressed with the development and infrastructure improvements in almost every economic sector, especially tourism. One gets mesmerized by the beauty of the valley and its serene surroundings. But all this for whom? Just look at the pictures and a short clip of an abandoned home of a Kashmiri Pandit who visited his home after 32 years. Separatists and Islamists have pocketed massive investments, and Hindus have been left behind. The pigeons roaming in the homes of Kashmiri Pandits are a real testament to the government's failed policy, which abandoned the Hindus of Kashmir.
Development and Investment for whom?

The government has adopted a policy of heavy investment in the valley as a solution to tackling the problem. This is the adaptation of the same old appeasement policy “old wine in new bottle” that has failed in Kashmir. Kashmiri Hindus are the worst sufferers as this policy has provided millions to local Muslims but nothing to Hindus. The Islamists have made sure with the targeted killings of Hindus that have resulted in another exodus of the Hindu minorities in Kashmir. In the chart below, you can see how many people have been killed in the last two years.
A record number of 23 lakh tourists visited Kashmir Valley till October of this year. The last time, the valley saw tourists in large numbers was in 2012 when about 13 lakh visited. Of the 23 lakh tourists who visited Kashmir this year, only 3.5 lakh were Amarnath Yatris (pilgrims)

On April 11, Srinagar Airport handled 15,199 which is the highest number of per day passengers and 102 flights handled at the airport on any given day. The Airport looks like a fish Market on these days due to tourist influx. The local Kashmiri Muslims love Hindu tourists because they provide them income and business but those who want to live there are a target of killings. Even a petty Golgappa vendor Arbind Kumar was not tolerated to do business only because he was a Hindu and was killed. See below:

Selling Kashmir to Arab Sheikhs

A 36-member business delegation from UAE was in Kashmir Valley to explore the business opportunities. The government cleared investments worth INR 27,000 crore from foreign companies and in 6 months, it was supposed to cross INR70,000 crores.

Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha selling Kashmir and rolling red carpet to Arabs as if we don’t have investors in India. The British East India Company entered India as traders in spices and then ruled India and now the government is inviting Arabs to invest and gain a foothold in Kashmir. Why?
Emirates Group of the UAE and the government of of Jammu and Kashmir tied up for construction of a big shopping mall in Srinagar, Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha has also begun negotiations with the LuLu group hypermarket chain. A Rs 60,000 crore investment was being sought for the development of infrastructure in Jammu and Kashmir by Sinha

The government expects Jammu and Kashmir will get millions of jobs after these investments are made. They also said that 75 percent of the jobs generated in these investments will go to the locals of Jammu and Kashmir. Besides Foreign markets will get open for Kashmir’s upcoming entrepreneurs.

Nizame Mustaffa

While living in the valley, we never saw Nizame Mustaffa infecting the psyche of Kashmiri Muslims who lived like a family with Hindus in Kashmir. The girls did rarely wear Hizab but today the valley is fully infected and while travelling in the city, it looks and feels like you are in an Islamic Nation.

There are reports that archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has renamed the Shankaracharya Hill overlooking the Dal Lake in Srinagar, to ‘Takht-e-Suleiman’. The District of Anantnaag is being named as Islamabad. ANANTNAG is a sanskrit word which is a mixture of 2 words 'ANANT' meaning many and 'NAG' meaning water sources in sanskrit .. the whole area of anantnag means a land with many water sources and there are many NAG’s in kashmir as VERINAG, KOKERNAG, DURGANAG etc.

Article 370 replaced by Domicile Registration

On 5th August 2019, two Jammu and Kashmir-specific provisions, Article 35-A and 370, were abrogated and diluted, respectively, and the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Act, 2019, was passed. With the provisions of this act, the State of Jammu and Kashmir was reorganized and re-constituted into the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and the Union Territory of Ladakh. The abrogation of article 370 was a welcome step in the right direction, and we all hailed this bold step long overdue by the current government. We all thought it was real integration of Jammu and Kashmir with the rest of India. Wow, we all were happy and delighted that any Indian citizen could buy and own a real estate property or land in Kashmir. But the fact remains that to appease the Kashmiri Muslims governmrnt rplaced this with Domicile requirement which make all Indian citiens who have not lived in Kashmir un-eigible to buy or own a land or property in Kashmir. What a mockery?

Unfortunately article 370 has been replaced by domicile provision. This new provision restricts any Indian citizen to buy land in Kashmir except for following requirements:
  • 1 According to J&K Grant of Domicile Certificate (Procedure) Rules 2020, all those who have been living in Jammu and Kashmir for more than 15 years can apply for the certificate.
  • 2. Children of West Pakistan Refugees, Valmikis, displaced persons, PoK families and Kashmiri migrants settled outside J&K and those living for 15 years, besides kin of Central government officials would now be entitled for domicile. Subsequently, this domicile certificate would be utilized for government jobs in J&K.
  • 3. As per the Domicile Act 2020, people of J&K belonging to different sections who have been living in UT for the last 7 decades but were deprived of their legitimate citizenship rights would now be issued domicile certificate.
We often forget that 500,000 Kashmiri Hindus were forced to leave the valley en-masse in 1989-90 as the first step in Islamizing the valley. About 1200 were killed, most after maiming and torture, with just a few thousand Hindus remaining in the valley.

The continuation of terror attacks and targeted killings of Hindus in Kashmir prove that the Jihadi mindset has penetrated the psyche and polluted the minds of a significant population of Kashmiri Muslims in the valley.

The Kashmir region has a total area of just 6,158 sq mi. The Kashmir Valley is just 83 miles long x 20 miles wide, less than 5% of the area of J&K. Population in Kashmir as per the 2011 census was 70 Lakhs, expected to be 1.25 Crores in 2019 vs. 135 crore population of India, So a less than 1% population takes the entire country as a hostage, and the government still does not come to senses. This data is significant to prove the failure of successive Indian governments to tackle this minuscule population living in the valley.

To tackle any problem, one needs to understand the problem and name the enemy. The current BJP administration, like its predecessors, needs to understand the ground realities.

We need to analyze why our hostile neighbor cannot create terrorist havens in Punjab, Rajasthan, or Kutch areas and why it is only in the valley. It is because Kashmiri Muslims provide a safe refuge to terrorists. Stop appeasing these Islamic radicals in the valley. Anyone providing safe refuge to terrorists in Kashmir or elsewhere should be held responsible as equal co-conspirers.

The enemy is within, and we need a strong mindset to root out this evil.

Denial of Hindu Genocide

It is unfortunate that the current government, like its predecessors, is also in complete denial and cover-up. Islamist Jihadis made all the teachers stand in a line & then killed the only two non-Muslims, Supinder Kaur & Deepak Chand, labeling them Kafirs. And the L-G says to stop seeing killings in Kashmir based on religion.
What are the compulsions? It is as simple as normalizing Hindu Killings! For how long is BJP sarkar going to be at it? Who's killing Kashmiri Pandits? Who's killing the laborers from Jharkhand, UP, and Bihar? Why are they being killed? The only factor is that they are HINDUS, and stop denying this fact.

The Solution if any?

Every problem has a solution; one needs to discover it. And the first step is to analyze the root cause of the problem and not cover it with a Band-aid, hoping it will vanish. The government has failed, and the people in charge of Kashmir, be it Ram Madhav or Manoj Sinha, have absolutely no clue about the psyche of native Kashmiris. They treat Kashmir as a regular law and order problem and call it a day. Manoj Sinha will gloat about success when a terrorist they call a militant is killed who murdered a Hindu. That is the only recourse of action, and that is why they celebrate Kashmir as normal when record tourists visit the valley. A few killings are too minute for them, and Kashmiri Pandits are guinea pigs forced to serve in Kashmir even after targeted killings.

The only solution is the consequence of actions. These terrorists are all locally grown and fed and come from localities in the region. Unless and until they get sanctuary from the locals, they will not dare commit such heinous killings. The only consequence is that they may get caught and get killed, but their families get millions, and the whole region also gets funds as appeasement. The Yogi Model adopted is one of the solutions, and until and unless the government takes drastic action, the situation will remain as is. The empty houses with open windows of Kashmiri Pandits (October 2022) below are a testament to the failure.
Deepak Ganju
Engineer by training and an entrepreneur by profession, Deepak Ganju is the Managing Editor of the Monthly on-line Shehjar magazine, a leading publication reaching over ten thousand members. Founding Director of Kashmir Hindu Foundation, Inc - KHF and one of the past Presidents of KOA, Deepak is always on the forefront of Kashmiri Hindu struggle. Being forced to leave his home and hearth in the wake of terrorist onslaught Deepak has undergone the traumatic experience of being a refugee from Kashmir, a Genocide survivors not a Migrant. His focus has always been to highlight the plight of Kashmiri Hindu refugees through the medium of documentary movies, rallies and magazines.