Neel Gatha


Author: Agnishekhar

Publisher : Pralek Prakashan Pvt. Ltd. (27 July 2021)
Language : Hindi
Paperback & Hardcover
ISBN-13: 978-8195410781

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Before you read this epic that extends from the story of the birth of kashmir to the present, it is important to know the person who wrote this book and the reason behind it. The author is not an ordinary person but an intellectual of immense knowledge who is and has been experiencing the pain of an entire Kashmiri Pandit community, who were ethnically cleansed only because they belonged to minority Hindu Community in Kashmir.When I first visited his home in Jammu, I could smell the frgrnce of Kashmir in the surrounding. The place does not look like a home but an ’Ashram". One can see beutiful images of historical figures of Kashmir. Books all over the place and a man without any ego. His wife Dr. Kshama Kaul is also an accomplished writer and poetess with severral books to her credit.

Dr. Agnishekhar has come up with this epic that reflects not only the pain of cutting ones roots but at the same time documnets the historical perspective of our heritage. "Neel Gatha” is a collection of inspiring and thought-provoking epic poems. It documents the history and suffering of the peace-loving Kashmiri Pandit community. The poems give the historical background of the events that happened before, during, and after the exodus. The poems describe events and concepts that are close to every one of us. While reading the poems, one feels the pain, rage, and agony of cutting from its roots...

“Neel Gatha ” is definitely worth reading, and like Nilmat Puran, it will serve as a reference book especially for the future generation. Congratulations to the talented author Dr. Agnishekhar on this excellent compilation. We are pleased to present two poems from the chapter 8 of this book.

Deepak Ganju