Kashmiri Hindus demand one place settlement in Kashmir


Kashmiri Hindus demand
one place settlement in the Kashmir Valley
Kashmir Hindu Foundation Inc (KHF) organized an interactive session on Kashmiri Pandits forced exile from Kashmiri Valley and the way forward where prominent Kashmiri Pandit leaders put forth their point of view and resolved to work together for the dignified permanent settlement of Kashmiri Pandits at one place in the Valley in a smart city.

The session was organized by Kashmiri Hindu Foundation (KHF) an organization of overseas Kashmiri Hindus lead by Deepak Ganju who came from USA to arrange the interactive session.

There was a unanimous view that while Kashmiri Pandit community welcomes the removal of the provisions of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir and creating a Union Territory, they also hoped that Government of India would now focus on the dignified return, rehabilitation and welfare of the community without any delay.

Pandits resolved to support the Government of India in its efforts in resettlement and rehabilitation of this community living in exile by taking on board the Kashmiri Pandit leadership by respecting their views and sentiments before taking any final decision regarding their future.

Representatives from many Kashmiri Pandit organizations presented their input and provided suggestions. The main agenda was the return and rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits in the valley.

KHF emphasized that the way for return and resettlement is linked and possible only through employment opportunities for Kashmiri Pandit youth in the valley. Once the dust settles and normalcy returns, there will be abundant opportunities of investments in tourism and other sectors. The GOI has to formulate a policy as how KP Youth can be employed in such ventures. “Many known Hindu places of worship as well as private properties and houses have been burnt, vandalized, damaged or occupied. We strongly urge the Government of India that such temples, cultural institutions and private properties or houses in the valley be secured, preserved and protected and restore possession back to the owners”, Pandits said.

They also highlighted the demand of Single place settlement of Kashmiri Pandit community with a structure like a smart city. The members emphasized the need to stand united and support the Government of India efforts in resettlement and rehabilitation of our community.

KHF is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious organization registered in the state of California with offices in major centers across USA and representatives in India. KHF is making efforts for the preservation of social mores, cultural heritage and language of Pandits, even as KPs remain in exile. KHF has been making efforts for last many years influencing policy makers highlighting the plight of Kashmiri Pandit community who were ethnically cleansed to leave their homes and properties in the Kashmir valley. The recent testimony in US Congress by Sunada Zadoo Vashisht highlighting the Kashmiri Pandit genocide and atrocities at International level is one of the examples of the efforts made by the Kashmiri Community settled in the US.

Deepak Ganju, the founding Director of Kashmir Hindu Foundation who came from USA for this event thanked all the participants for their commitment and suggestions towards the common goal of taking the next step forward.

Prominent among those who attended the session include Hira Lal Bhat, Vir Ji Khar from New Zealand, Rakesh Koul, Sampooran Kashmir, King Bharati, Senior Journalist and National spokesperson APMCC, Pintoo Ji, Vishwa Kashmiri Samaj, Paviter Handoo, KHF, Kuldeep Pandita and Mohan Lal from JK Thinkers Forum, Avtar Krishan Bhat, Bharati Koul, Vomedh, Neetu, AMCCC, VK Sadhu, Aryan Ramesh, Rohit Bhat, Vomedh, Nanaji Raina, Sourabh Zadoo, Harmony India, AK Raina, Vice President AIKS, SK Handoo, Opinder Amabardar, Shiban Handoo, Dr Kitchloo, Asha Tiku Kitchlu, Daisy Bazaz, Rishab, Bundya Tickoo and BL Deep.

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