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Trust, Quality, Expertise and Time are the four pillars holding the strong foundation of GrandOpinion. Myself and a friend of mine in New York had a serious medical discussion about a family member who was misdiagnosed and had to undergo an unnecessary surgery costing their family a fortune. Money is never a criteria when it comes to saving a life and treatment of your loved ones but the key is right treatment. Life is precious and so is right medical diagnosis. Medicine is not black or white. Continuing the discussion it was revealed the surgery was not needed since the report and entire diagnosis was misinterpreted to begin with. Medical review of the reports by experts in other cities and abroad confirmed the same.

GrandOpinion was formed to spread awareness amongst patients and their families ensuring them they have made the right choice by coming to the right place for medical care. We believe in the fact that if the diagnosis and treatment is done at the right time and the right treatment; it helps in capturing the market and loyalty of the user base. We want to minimize and eventually eliminate deaths caused by misdiagnosis and confusion in the healthcare. GrandOpinion gives a patient and his family a fresh and unbiased perspective. This user centric approach is targeted towards both domestic and overseas customer base.

The problem we solve!

· Misdiagnosis, course of treatment
· Lack of local specialty care
· Increasing cost of healthcare
· Distrust in the medical community

GrandOpinion is passionate about empowering people to take control of their health destiny. By integrating health information and telemedicine in one user-friendly, web-based platform backed by state-of-the-art security and interoperability with industry-standard EMR software, GrandOpinion takes healthcare to the next level. Our services also make it possible for physicians, employers and other organizations to save time, money and even lives.

What we do!!

We provide healthcare consult and second opinion with professionalism keeping our clients interest on top. It serves as a cause for the patients and their families who do not have access to the top most specialists in their area yet deserve the best. Our vision is simple- road to best and positive healthcare is available to everyone at any given time. Quality healthcare cannot be a privilege accessible to just the wealthy. It should be available to everyone, anytime.

What happened next?

GrandOpinion was born; with his co-founder conceptualized a simple model so no family goes through the above stress and trauma. One always deserves a second chance in life and so does your health; give it a right second opinion, make it a GrandOpinion. Providers are the best judge of the medical conditions but don't be an emotional victim. Be rational and vigilant

Where do we stand now?

GrandOpinion with its chosen top specialist doctors around the world has made it possible for the first time to have a consult beyond your geographic area. We realized this need due to numerous consults coming to our office in India where the medical care is not as per the standards in the west. We figured this out in detail and joined hands with the best in their fields of medicine to bring consults when they want and where they want. We tied up with corporations, associations and other affiliates in the healthcare market so that this care can be offered to thousands more.

Today GrandOpinion has handled over 100+ cases and have over 50+ top specialist doctors on our panel with a case review and completion turn around time between 2 to 4 days from the start of the case. We have reviewed cases coming from US, India, Middle East and African nations. Company offers online case reviews, which are very detailed, phone and video consults and also arrange for patient admittance and recommendation ahead with the local specialist for ultimate treatment. With network of over 40+ hospitals in Delhi area this is now possible which relieves our users of lot of stress and frustration.

GrandOpinion with is local partner in India, called HealthIndya has been able to get discounted medications, laboratory tests with free home collection, free delivery of medicines and continuous follow-ups to its patients in the Delhi-NCR region of India with a plan to expand in other states.

One landmark decision recently was to offer this service to Kashmiri community members at no charge across the globe through our platform with the physicians of Kashmiri origin who chose to consult through us as a giveback to the community. GrandOpinion strongly believes this initiative to have a strong social impact and bring change and get medical assistance to the remotest possible areas by the best doctors.

We have created a virtual clinic that matches users with a medical expert who specializes in that particular medical condition. Grand Opinion use a simple flow "right diagnosis to be made at the right time". Our specialists are handpicked for their training, experience, and reputation. GrandOpinion promises better physicians.

Ashish Dhar