Woman of our Valley


"Woman of our Valley"

We are pleased to continue this tradition of presenting our readers with feature of remarkable women Abha Nehru, Sunanda Ganju, Santosh Shah 'nandan', Dr.Dimpy Koul Garyali, Arti Tiku Kaul, Nancy khardori and Anita Dhar Kaul from diverse professions who have come forth to share their accomplishments, experiences and feelings with the community readers.

Abha Nehru
Sunanda Ganju
Arti Tiku Kaul
Santosh Shah 'nandan'
Dr. Dimpy Kaul Garyali
Nancy Misri Khardori
Anita Dhar Kaul
n our previous edition, we initiated a tradition of highlighting achievements of our community women in diverse professions by presenting a feature on professional individuals Sushma Bhan , Lalita Kaul , Anu Wakhlu , Anjana Tikku , Neerja Pandit .The key drive for the feature was to acknowledge capacity of a woman who along with preserving loyalty towards her individuality, maintains a delicate balance between career and home. We received beautiful feedback and recommendations where daughters nominated their mothers, daughter-in-law nominated her mother-in- law, friends nominated their friends and many more people came forth to nominate their loved ones and in this process paid respect to the woman whose existence they value immensely in their life.

A liberated society who frees itself from the shackles of oppression and values a woman by improving her status in the society builds a strong foundation for its sustenance. A very beautiful self-explanatory quote by Johnetta Cole conveys the importance of woman education precisely - If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate an entire family. Education leads to empowerment of a woman, which is an essential ingredient for her personal/family growth and development of the society. Her imbibed or innate attributes paves a path of her professional journey where experience in form of various challenges greets her unexpectedly and builds her up as a strong individual. We have seen a large number of women entering the workforce in past decades and have started contributing towards the economic development of the country.

But her contribution does not last here; she gracefully accepts many key responsibilities of providing emotional support to her family and preserving the culture/traditions of the community/society. Her greatest challenge is maintaining a work-life-home balance, an “art” which she gradually masters through her experience and well defined priorities. As a family member, she incorporates the future generation with moral and social values and her contribution gets extended to the society when her progeny transfers the values imbibed in them into action for well-being of others.

Through this article Shehjar salutes every woman out there for everything they do, to make the world a better place to live

Bhumika Raina

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