Kashmir was called a paradise on earth once upon a time or maybe it still is for those who go there as Tourists. To us, it seems a distant dream and a lost HOMELAND.

In Kashmir the majority community comprises of Muslims and we were there with them in a very minuscule number but honestly speaking Kashmiri pandits in general felt safe and secure alongside our muslim brethren. But unfortunately year 1989 changed everything . That's when the gun culture infiltered in this Lost Paradise and it wiped our legacy within fraction of seconds. Hundreds of our young children, men and women were brutally massacred. Rape, loot and arson became order of the day. And the rest of us were coerced, bullied and even threatened with dire consequences if we didnot leave the valley immediately. This led to our mass exodus and.we were forced to leave our HOMELAND with just a pair of shoes and the clothes that we had worn, leaving our home and hearth and crores worth of our property behind. Overnight we were reduced to penury.

Our struggle for our survival began thereafter and with the mercy of Jammuites we got places in camps to settle down where till this day thousands of our families live in subhuman condition perhaps unparalleled in world history.

Till now this struggle is on and God knows how many more years it will continue. Unfortunately life in the camps has been traumatic for Kashmiri Pandits .We could not acclimatise ourselves quickly to the 360 degrees change and due to this almost 70% of people developed serious health related problems. With the Government's indifference, extreme shortage of funds and with no concrete health policy in place, we lost so many young buds and old persons.

Consequently, a group of enthusiastic volunteers took it upon themselves to chip in their services so as to raise the huge funds that are required to meet the frequent medical emergiencies of the poor segment of the community with the strong belief and faith in their hearts that,someday WE ALL WILL GO BACK TO THE LOST PARADISE. With this resolve and to keep this belief alive, they decided to help the community not only to survive but also be healthy enough to enjoy the gardens, the water and the lovely smell of our mother earth which so far is eluding us. That is how KMECT (KASHMIR MEDICAL EMERGENCY AND CHARITABLE TRUST) was born to make this dream a reality !

We appeal all the philanthropists and the kind hearted people to assist us in this venture and come forward with their liberal donations to make our mission successful. Herebelow, we append the Trust details and its Guidelines for your perusal.


Kashmiri Pandit Community has yet come out with another innovative idea to serve the community. KASHMIRI MEDICAL EMERGENCY & CHARITABLE TRUST has been established for the less fortunate and under privileged living in the migrant camps in Jammu, who need funds for the emergency treatment in hospitals. The core team, consisting of community members from over the globe, has so far handled more than 61 emergency cases. The TRUST DETAILS & GUIDELINES are as follows:

(Registration No: 3959/2010-11)
Registered Office: B-206, Vardhman Apartments, Mayur Vihar,
Phase-I, Extension, Delhi - 110 091

Contact details: bl_sadhu@yahoo.com ; sunilkthusu@gmail.com, hari_kaul@yahoo.com ; jatinder.kaw@gmail.com


NOTE: All the team members/trustees/advisers/doctors on panel are working on honorary basis as social service & no one is engaged on remuneration.

(May all be happy)


(May all be happy, May all be healthy, May we all experience what is good and let no one suffer)


1. Pt. BL Sadhu (Mohali - Chandigarh ),
2. Pt.C.L. Razdan (Pune),
3. Pt. Vikram Bhat (Faridabad),
4. Pt. Rajiv ji Munshi (Delhi),
5. Dr. Anil Bhan (Delhi),
6. Dr. Anil ji Kaul* (USA),
7. Dr. Upinder Kaul (Delhi),
8. Pt. Hira Lal ji Kaul (Ahmedabad),
9. Pt. Jatinder Kaw (Noida),
10. Ptn.Indu ji Jalali* (Ghaziabad )
11. Pt.Hari Kaul* (Canada )
12. Pt. Sunil K Thusu (Delhi )

NOTE: * These are the active member but will become trustee after the MHA approval

Pt. B.L.SADHU President / Chairman
Pt. Sunil K. Thusu Vice Chairman/ Chief Operating Officer / Treasurer
Pt. Jatinder Kaw Chief Personnel Relation Officer/ General Secretary
Personnel relations
Ptn. Indu Jalali Chief Administrative officer/ General Secretary –
Pt Hari Kaul Chief Fund Raiser / Chief Publicity Officer/ General
Secretary – Resources & Publicity,

Dr. K.L. Chowdhary, (Chief Medical Advisor to the trust) JAMMU
Dr. Vikas pandith Rheumatology, Internal Medicine & Cardiac Diagnostics Canada
Dr. Rashmi Koul Oncologist Canada

Pt. MK Kaw,
Pt. Moti Kaul,
Pt. Gautam Kaul,
Dr. Shakti Bhan,
Dr. KL Choudary
Pt. Maharaj Pajan
Pt. S K Khazanchi
Pt. Sri Krishan Kaul
Pt. Bansi Wali


Bank: Corporation Bank
Branch: Mayur Vihar Phase-I Extension, New Delhi 110 091
Beneficiary: Name: Kashmiri Medical Emergency & Charitable Trust
Account No: CLSB01100016
IFSC/RTGS Code: CORP0000546

Guide lines as discussed and approved by unanimous decision by Trustees:

1. Patients needing assistance may approach KMECT with Detailed one page coherent case summary from Patient's main attending doctor along with the investigations, treatment and prognosis .
2. Funding will be approved only after experts on our medical panel review the case and give their opinion.
3. The patient/ recipient of the trust fund will be asked to truly disclose his/her assets. The patient/ recipient's assets, insurance, employer etc will always be the initial financers., his relatives, friends and acquaintances will be the subsequent financers, while as KMECT will always be the last financer. Effectively patients will first use their resources & them the trust will bear the balance up the limit as prescribed by trust.
4. The authenticity of the appeal is scrutinized.
5. Those who fail during the scrutiny will also be informed the reason(s) for their rejection
6. The name of the patient will be published after proper scrutiny and acceptance by the team of trustee and doctors appointed by trust.
7. The funds will be released only to hospital where the patients are treated. No money will be issued in personal accounts (Except under very rare and special case duly approved by trustees).
8. The patients will get the assistance only for the hospital recommended by our panel of doctors. Hospital can be changed by patient only if okayed by the members of our DOCTORS PANEL. Those who wish to get admitted and treated in THE HOSPITAL OF THEIR OWN CHOICE WHICH IS NOT RECOMMENDED BY THE DOCTORS ON THE PANEL or felt by the core team to be expensive when the economic alternative is available, will not be entertained at any cost.
9. Where the chances of saving the patient is 50% or more the funding will be done. Where the chances of saving a patient are remote or they are terminal cases, the FUNDING WILL NOT BE DONE since such funding will be at the cost of another patient, who can survive
10. The names of the KMECT’s fund recipient patient/hospital (recipient of the fund) with amount released, the details of illness of the patient will also be published & circulated to the contributors and the core team / members of the trust.
11. Trust has the discretion to accept or reject any request for funding or accepting the donations. It reserves the right to reject funding to any patient without giving any reason.
12. The trust is not associated with any political organization.
13. KMECT is the only charitable organization, which undertakes to serve the Medical Emergencies.
14. The trustees will always bear in mind the self less service to the needy. The rules are the guiding factor & should not be construed as the impediments. That is the reason we call them guidelines & not the rules. The core team /office bearers will use their judgment, while dealing with each case that comes before them, to ensure the patient gets very fair service from the trust & the basic purpose of the trust is not defeated.
15. There will be only single layer organization & not dual. The dual layer will create clashes & delays in course of time. Speed being one of the major attributes, single layer will be workable & not dual layer. Only The core members of team will be Trustees of KMECT. To be effective, efficient & responsive, the organization structure will be matrix type.
16. No one, who is affiliated to the political organizations, will be taken on board directly. Their services can be solicited otherwise.. If at any core team member / trustee gets involved or affiliated with any political activity his / her membership as a trustee shall cease automatically on the day he or she takes up such activity. However such persons can be retained as advisers to the core group, if the trustees desire to do so by unanimous or majority approval.
17. There will be 2 teams of the Doctors
- KP specialist doctors & will have authority to requisition for the release of fund to the deserving patients.
- The second team can be the KP General Practicing doctors who treat patients at the initial stages & may recommend the patient to the KP specialist doctors & to the trust for the assistance.
- The Doctors team may include only KP doctors all over the country.
18. However, in consultation with our team of doctors, we may accept the treatment by NON KP Doctors/other hospitals for treatment of the patient, if such doctors/ hospitals are the best in their field. They can be kept in our Panel
19. KMECT will be independent, which will be responsible for raising the funds, accounting, management, supervision and disbursement. It will be honored to have the patronage of like minded such organisatiions..
20. CEILINGS ON THE DISBURSEMENT OF THE FUNDS: The KMECT fund is not for profit but to indemnify the true cost of patient's/recipient's medical care to a maximum ceiling INR three lacs per patient. In case of NGOs & Charitable organizations the ceiling will be 25% of the funds required with total limit of INR one lack - within the authority of the office bearers.
21. The above ceiling can be relaxed for exceptional cases, based on the merit of the case & availability of the funds, by the unanimous/majority concurrence/approval of trustees.
22. The release of funds will always be subject to the availability of the funds & the number of patients being served at any given point of time. In situations where funds available are less than required by the patients, the funds will be divided between the patients based on the merits & the emergency of the patient.
23. The trust will try provide medical help to its patient/ recipient but is not responsible for any death due to negligence of hospital or the doctor. This should be disclosed to the patient at the time of recommending the doctor/hospital, by the trustee/core group member who introduces the patient to the trust.
24. The trust will be transparent, accountable, answerable and fair to all. For the sake of transparency the trust will publish the names of the contributors with amount donated, the amounts of contribution credited in the Trust Funds Bank Account. Monthly statement of KMECT Bank Account will be posted every month.
25. The income tax exemptions will be obtained under IT Act Sec 80 G5 and 12.. There after the exemption certificate to the donors will be issued immediately on receipt of the contribution.
26. KMECT will not fund the Buying/ selling of any human organ which is un-lawful. KMECT will fund only the hospitalization cost for the treatment, including the tests, of the patients.
27. Each trustee has to sign the pledge in writing & submit to the chairman, before he/she is taken as
KMECT is a social organization looking after the medical emergencies in your own Kashmiri Pandit community. We at KMECT believe and practice in Transparency, accountability, answerability, honesty and above all we believe in best patient care with love, devotion, respect and affection. According to our KMECT guidelines we campaign for the patient, publish on net patient’s medical details, medical updates, etc. From time to time we publish account balance etc. This brings awareness in our community and also helps us to generate money for the treatment of our present and future medical emergency case.

We KMECT Team neither belong/ affiliate to any KP political party nor do we indulge in politics. We neither support nor advertise for any KP party. In last 40 months our contributors have so far contributed around Rs. 1.5 crores and we have so far served 61 emergency medical cases (wide variety of Cancer Patients, Accident Trauma cases, Heart and CVS cases, Chronic Kidney Failure Patients etc.). With the financial help of our contributors we have helped the families in distress and pain. We have saved many many precious lives but at the same time we lost few to death. Our Motto is to serve Migrant Kashmiri Pandits. In last three years we refused none but we served all those who reported to us.

KMECT got registered as a charitable Trust in second week of April 2010 . KMECT has now its own bank account. The process of getting the IT Exemption is also on the cards. We are also in process of securing FCRA permission. It is a difficult and time consuming job but we are trying our best. This will enable our NRI fraternity to directly deposit their contributions in our KMECT bank account.

KMECT has started fund raiser. Now we earnestly request our community members to contribute generously. Through community donation, in next 6 months we intend to build a corpus fund of INR 5 Crores. Community members have already started contributing towards it.

It gives me an immense pleasure to report that KMECT provides following services to our community:

1. For the benefit of our most needy and underprivileged in our community KMECT fund and guide the patient and his/her family for proper medical treatment. For the benefit of present and future medical emergency patients we strictly follow our guidelines. To prevent fraud and controversies we pay directly to hospital where our patient is admitted. The payment is made against the proper receipt/ bills provided by our patient and his family.

2. For the benefit of our community we have established KP Medical hot-line advice cell. Our best luminaries in medical profession are offering free of cost their best possible services to our brethren in India and around the globe.

3. For the benefit of our community, KMECT is offering free of cost best possible referral services to our well to do KP’s who need help and assistance in locating and getting the best possible medical advise and treatment in NCR.

For the benefit of medical emergency patients in our beloved community KMECT has also developed understanding with:
1. KMECT is proud of Pandit SK Khazanchi. For the benefit of our cancer patients his Trust PARAMHANSA YOGANANDA CHARITABLE TRUST has developed association with Gujrat Cancer institute Ahmedabad. He wants our cancer patients and their families to benefit from this free and efficient service.

2. You will also be pleased to know that for the benefit of our Emergency Medical Care Patients our (KEMCT) President Pandit BL Sadhu Saab has established an Understanding with Dr AN Safaya Sahab, Director Satya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, Puttaparthi. Dr Safaya ji is there out to help us for any case we refer to him. It is not only the Heart Surgery but four other surgeries like Orthopaedic, Ophthalmology, Treatment in Urology etc that Shri Satya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences is handling.

3. Dr Tej K Kaul, Ex HOD DMC Hospital at Ludhiana has offer his help for our kidney transplant patients as much as he can. He is of the firm view that DMC Hospital at Ludhiana is for certain geared to perform the transplantation of kidneys provided the kidney is donated by the patient's relative. They don’t undertake the surgical intervention if the kidney is purchased. He has also suggested that we should make the public aware that it is better for the patients residing at Jammu or in Punjab to come to DMC Ludhiana in the event of such a contingency.

1. KMECT has best possible specialist doctors in our medical panel. Dr. K. L Chowdhary is Chief Medical Adviser to Trust. They guide us with their best possible treatment and the hospital for our medical emergency cases.

2. KMECT has eminent people from our KP community as our advisors to our team

3. KMECT has the most efficient specialist doctors, CEO’s, manager in its team. These are the people who have worked efficiently with dedication in different charities/NGO’s in their life time

When we started medical emergency fund my own friends were sceptical about the service we render to our community but today the same people are proud of us. We are the only people in our KP community who have laid down the infra structure and guidelines for the benefit of our medical emergency patient. We are also the only KP organization who truely practices Transparency, accountability, answerability, efficiency, honesty. We have contributed our own money, time and energy for the cause and then we request our community members to contribute. For us there is no worthy cause than to save the precious the lives in our KP community and be with our brethren and help them in their time of sufferings and need.

Criticism is vital for the growth of our organization. From time to time we request our fraternity members to send us their critical comments, advice and concern. With their valuable support today we are serving 61st medical emergency case. We are very thankful to our community for their comments and it is through their critical comments that have helped us to grow and serve the neediest in our beloved community in most efficient manner.

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