Kashmiri Recipe on Mo'ng V'or with video


Mo'ng V'or (Moong Bean Patty)
by ChandraMukhi Ganju
Mo'ng V'or
Recipe Video
Mo’ng vo’r is prepared on devgo’n, a religious function performed a day or two before wedding/yegneopavit.. It is prepared by pouf / bride or bridegroom’s father’s sister. On this day, kheer is prepared and put in a new unglazed earthenware plate called Khira to’k. and garnished with mo’ng vo’r, walnut and wupul haak. After Puja /prayers, Khira to’k with mong vor is served to all the guests present. Mo’ng vo’r with kheer is considered a delicacy.

Mo'ng V'or/Moong Bean Patty:
Serving size: 6 - 8 pcs

1 cup split mo’ng daal/beans
4-5 tsp rice flour
Salt to taste
Pinch of haldi/turmeric
1 tsp cumin seed
Vegetable cooking oil for frying

Soak mo’ng daal/bean for 7-8 hours or over night
Grind soaked mo’ng daal/ beans without water in grinder or mortar and pestle.
Transfer ground mo’ng daal/ beans to deep-bottomed bowl.
Add salt, turmeric, cumin and rice flour.
Mix well to make nice dough.
Heat oil in a frying pan.
Take a small portion of mo’ng dough on a palm of your hand and make round patty.
Add patty to heated oil.
Fry both sides until golden brown.
Make similarly rest of patties.
Serve as a snack or side dish.