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Shehjar came into being with its inaugural issue of August, 2007. Our ongoing, meaningful journey together has been possible only with your support and we wish to thank you for making Shehjar a sweeping success with your overwhelming response in the form of contributions, interest, appreciation and involvement. You have helped us to release a new issue every month on time and to average more than 300,000 hits per month. Your actions have given immense encouragement to the editorial team, who plan Shehjar as a monthly about Kashmir and Kashmiris, to also include activities of the Kashmiri Community Diaspora.

We hereby invite you to join Team Shehjar as a feature editor, regional correspondent or voluntary web professional .We also invite you to write for our audience as a contributing author. To contact us, please email us at

On behalf of Bhumika Raina, the Editor of the “Spirit ofYouth” section, we wish to remind you that the section focuses on showcasing the latent talent and indigenous lifestyles of Youth in the 0-30 age group. It provides Youth an opportunity to inspire and encourage others by narrating their stories, voicing their opinions and sharing their accomplishments. It functions with the honest motif of bringing the youth under a common umbrella, working together to rekindle belongingness to the Kashmiri community and uncovering hidden talents within the Community. She requests your contributions and these works to the "Spirit of Youth" section will be captured in the following age groups:

  • The Braves Arise (Bud-Life) sub-section will feature activities of children in the range of newborn till 12 years.
  • The Captains of Change (Gaia Star) sub-section will feature activities of teenagers in the range of 13 years till 19 years.
  • The Dynamos of progress (Eternal Life) sub-section will feature activities of adults in the range of 20 till 30 years.

On behalf of Dr. AnuMunshi Khandar, the Contributing Editor of Shehjar who has taken the responsibility to initiate and run the new Shehjar - Health Watch Section, we request you to send any health-related questions to the emailaddress

Finally, we request all of you to send your contributions to for the regular features of Shehjar (like events, news, announcements,achievers, …. among others) as well as new materials including articles, poems that you want us to publish in other categories. To feature in the coming, End of the Month Issue, we request all of your articles by the 20th of the month.

Along with the content, please also send us the following via email to
Name, Profile and Photograph of the Content Creator to feature on the Web-Site.
Any images, links, videos, audios that the content creator/ author would like for us to associate with the content provided. Again, we appreciate your support and encouragement towards us in serving the Kashmiri community worldwide.

Warm Regards,
Arun Koul
on Behalf of the Shehjar Editorial Board

If you acknowledge the innate capability,contemporary flair, artistic ability and youthful sense of style in you then give yourself a voice by making a contribution in the following areas or others that our community members might be interested in.

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