Jhansi Ji Rani (Hindi)

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Jhansi Ki Rani
Poem "Jhansi Ki Rani" by famous Hindi Poetess Subhadra Kumari Chauhan recited by Vibhasa Raina student of 7th grade of Sophia School Ajmer, India for Shehjar,

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*Vibhasa is a 11 year old, 7th grade student at Sophia School , Ajmer, India.
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Dear Vibhasa, Blessed are you and blessed are your parents. Your recitation is fantastic. Kripya Shehjar ke Shrotaon Ke Liye Kavitayen Likhti Rahiyen. Bhagwan Ji aapko safal banayen
Added By Arun Koul
Dear Vibhasa ji, Blessed you are to have such a beautiful talent with confidence. I send you my congratulations. You are reciting the Hindi poems perfectly. You shouls keep on reciting some more poems on Indian Nationalism--Sing Vande Mnataram, whole version of the National song for Shehjar. Mata Saraswati Ka Vardan Tum par Banta Rahe Chaman Lal Raina.
Added By C L Raina
Dear Vibhasa, We loved your recitation and the confidence with which you read your poems. Please do keep reciting. Your hold on Hind seems to be fantastic. God Bless you
Added By Pamma Koul
Dear Vibhasa. I congratulate you and your confidence. You speak nicely and your pronunciation is heart captivating, inspite of the fact you study in the English Medium School. Can I hope you will try to recite any Kashmiri Bhajan as well.
Added By jaya sibu
Dear Vibhasa, Sorry could not listen to your sweet voice due to some technical snag in the laptop. However, seeing the peom I instantly started reciting it loudly since I was often singing it in my childhood. It also aroused my latent patriotic spirit. I may also inform you that when a teenager, I was on a tour of historic places of Rajasthan and M.P. While reaching Gawalior I saw this statue of Jhansi ki Rani there and took a photograph of the statue and bowed to the Rani in reverence.
Added By Avtar Thaploo
Dear Vibhasa, A terrific rendition of a classic poem. It's reminicent of the good old days, when as a small kid I used to read about Jhansi ki Rani in history books. Looking forward to hearing some patriotic songs from you now. God bless!!!
Added By Arun Thaploo