The Reason to Live (English)

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"The Dynamos of progress"

The frustration begins here,

Leaving me in a void,

Left out in a deep abyss,

Wallowing in Miseries, under a cascade of tears.

The tombs and the graveyards;

My resting places beseech me.

These sepulchral thoughts engulf me,

As I think of the past, a destructed fortune.

This chaos that is created in my thoughts;

No wonder makes them go haywire,

The way this wind changes my life

Makes it look like a mere strife.

Yet, there are many reasons for me to live,

In this everchanging, poignant world,

Maybe the wetness of tears on my cheeks,

Or the dryness in feelings consoling Me.

*Mrs. Jenal Dhar Raina, 24, works as a Software Engineer and is currently based in Dubai. She's been brought up in Baroda and holds a degree in Computer Engineering, from M.S University, Baroda. She's been writing poems since the age of 4.

She's won The Times Of India, Public Speaking Awards and also holds a Diploma in German. She enjoys spending time with her Family, Traveling & Visiting New Places and holds special interest in Linguistics and Reading.
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Beautifully written. Great Work. Keep it up.
Added By B. L. Koul
I was looking forward for your contribution in this issue. Great Depth in thoughts and words at this age. I personally liked the twist conveyed in the verses at the end. Very Beautiful Poem. Orzuv, T.N.Saraf
Added By Trilokinath Saraf
Nice Poem. Good work
Added By Brijmohan Kaw
Hi dee.:-)long time... So glad to see your poems published. Wish u loads of luck and joy. Tc.
Added By aaquib nazir
Hi jenal (tahzeeb) Mohammed here...hope u remember. ..drop me a mail ...long time...reallly long...even longer than d deepth of ur poems...
Added By Mohammed Mohammed