Poems by G.L. Kaul (Part-2)

Shri G.L. Kaul retired as an Information officer for the J&K State. He had also been editing Kashmir Today ( English) and Tameer (Urdu) both official magazines of Information Department. As an avid theater activist he has acted in and directed many plays in Kashmiri, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi, performing all over the country. He is the founder member of J&K cultural academy and IPTA group.

One of the many talents of Girdhari Ji is his ability to write poems in several languages; that connect instantly with the reader. And what tops even that is the narration of this poetry in his lyrical voice and style. We are delighted to inform our subscribers that in this issue of Shehjar and in several forthcoming ones, we will be presenting videos of Girdhari Ji narrating several of his poems. These videos were prepared by his son Prof. Sanjay Kaul when Girdhari Ji was in the Boston area. The two videos in this issue are in Kashmiri and in Hindi-Urdu. The Kashmiri is chaste and words flow easily, making his poetry well suited for musical compositions. We are suggesting that some of the musicians among our readers create memorable songs based on Girdhari Ji’s poetry and request you to contact us if you would like to do so. We will put you in contact with Girdhari Ji.
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Kashmirii Kavita Tehar-ta-charvan
Urdu/Hindi Kavita Aye Mere Ghar
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Dear Arun Uncle and Deepak Uncle, Thank you for posting this video up along side the images of our kashmir. It really means alot to me as well as to my booji to see all of this. Thanks again, iha
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