Let us learn Hindi - 9

Let us learn Hindi

Jaya  & Chaman Lal Raina

Let us learn HindiHindi paaTha 9   
हिन्दी सीखते हैँ
Jaya and Chamanlal Raina
हिन्दी पाठ ९
Dear Friends and learners,
प्रिय मित्रो तथा सीखने वालो,
We are learning some new words,and a small conversation. Hope you will emjoy it. Feel free to write me about this lesson, in the feed back column.
The new words show the relationship , see how it is-- The word is Mai मैँ, and Mera  मेरा means  in relation  to to me or myself, similarly Tumhara for तुम--Tum and likewise. 
Meraa-        मेरा mine
Tumhaaraa तुम्हारा yours 
Aapakaa    आपका yours
Hamaaraa हमारा ours
Kisake liye किसके लिये for whom
Mere liye मेरे लिये for me/myself
Tumhaare liye तुम्हारे लिये for you 
Aapake liye आपके लिये for you 
Hamaare liye.हमारे लिये for us.
Now see these words which are interrogative,
KyoM क्यों why?
Kyaa क्या  what? 
Kaisaa कैसा how?
Kaise कैसे how ?
Kisa liye   किस लिये for what ?
Aapakii aavashyakataa hai  आपकी आवश्यकता है, you need it.
Haa.N  हाँ,  yes.
Mujhe bhii aisaa lagataa hai.  मुझे भी ऐसा लगता है,  yes, I think so.
जया चमनलाल रैना
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**About the Authors
Jaya Sibu writes in Hindi and Kashmiri. She is the recipient of Bhagwan Gopinath Research Fellowship. Some of his  Kashmiri poems have been translated by Amrita Pritam in Hindi.  Before migration, she served as  a Senior Teacher  in Kashmir. She also has a Diploma in Domestic sciences. 

Chaman Lal Raina  has specialized  in the teaching of Hindi. He  taught  " Research Methodology Course" at the University of Kashmir and "Teaching of Hindi"  to  the B.Ed Students, through Distance Education Program .   His Monograph on  "Kshemendra" in Kashmiri has been published by the Sahitya Academy, New-Delhi, India. He writes in Hindi, Kashmiri, Sanskrit and English.

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