Video News from around the world

Video News from around the world
Toyota to Bulid a Second Manufcturing Plant in India

Toyota Motor Corporation announced that they will invest a total of $343.1 million US dollars to build its second manufacturing plant in India.


Olympic torch protests continue

Protests greet the Olympic torch in San Francisco. San Francisco is the only U.S. city to host the Olympic torch this year. Katharine Jackson reports.

Women and Hinduism

It's a religion that many people in this area don't know a lot about. But today one woman looked to change that by discussing Hinduism at the YWCA in Minot. J.A. Joshi is an author who travels the country discussing women in Hinduism and how they are viewed in the United States. Joshi was born in London and her parents were from India. She now lives and writes in Texas and enjoys traveling the U.S. discussing culture and religion trying to teach and empower women everywhere... (J.A. Joshi, Author) I hope that they learn a little more about Hinuism, a little more about gender relations from that part of the world and that we are empowered to understand more about each other. Joshi's book is entitled Follow the Cowherd Boy and can be found at most bookstores..

SC upholds caste quotas in India

The Indian Supreme Court upholds a government policy to reserve just under half of all state college and university seats for students from lower castes. The affirmative action scheme has been fiercely contested.


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