For You Mother

*Meena Sahib

You taught me when I knew not much,

You kept me warm with your sweet touch.

My eyes told you the truth and much more,

My joys and worries were yours now just as before.

You lived your life to see your children grow,

You carved their future, their tomorrow

My life is a reflection of your love, warmth and teachings

My success is the outcome of your blessings.

To the world, you are another woman to me you are the only one

You are my inspiration, my guide, my teacher, my friend, my encourager, my symbol of dedication, sacrifice and love.

You bring joy, smiles and lots of love in my life on any single day

You bring out the best in me with your never ending support on a trying day

You know what I have to say even before I can say it

You can feel for me like no one can and yet hide it

You can fight the world for me without letting me know a thing

You can light up my world by being that special something

You like to live in the future through your children’s dreams

You always speak a language that touches the heart deep within

You are a shoulder for me to cry on when I am sad,

You never let me down when I need you the most

In a world where we are all in the same race for money and power

You stand strong and tall like a tower

You are my mother, my dearest mother...

*Meena Sahib Parulekar is a Self-motivated, analytical and enthusiastic professional with a flair for writing and creativity. Believe in the amazing power of the human spirit to excel in the most difficult circumstances. Enjoy interacting with individuals from various backgrounds and learn about new cultures. Worked as a Quality Assurance Officer in many reputed pharmaceutical companies.

Participated on behalf of German Remedies Limited and secured the first place in the Pharmaceutical Quiz 1999 organized jointly by the Goa College of Pharmacy & Indian Pharmaceutical Association (Goa Branch). Presented a paper at the 2006 CEP (Community Pharmacy) national conference at Pune. The paper was awarded the first prize. Represented the Goa College of pharmacy at this conference. Presently living in Goa (India)

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