Maej Kashir

Maej Kashir

It is a story of the time that is known as ‘so kal.’ The customs of those days were completely different than what we see these days. Joint family was the only way of living. All the members of the family were considered as the children of eldest in the family. Biological parents had no special hold over their children. Both parents and the kids were considered the children of the eldest in the family. What ever the earning members would earn was handed over the eldest in the family and it was their responsibility to take care of all the family members. Love and respect for each other and humanity, and indulgence in divinity was most common thing. Etc

It was during this time, one young girl got married in a family of great repute. This family was so famous that where ever its children went, they very well were respected for their divinity, intelligence humanity, knowledge supernatural powers and all that. This family had offered so much to the world that every one recognized them as exceptionally intelligent and knowledgeable people, and were respected accordingly.

However over a period of time, because of various reasons, as this lady grew and became mother of whole family, her children could not maintain the reputation of family. They lost interest in all those activities for which this family was respected. They indulged in picking all the ills of out side society. Ego mistrust, jealousy, lack of respect for others, observing ills of others etc became the trade mark of these children. It went so bad that these very children started doubting the wisdom of their elders.

This change in attitude of the children had become cause of worry for this lady. She would always remain worried on account of this deterioration resulting in uncertain future of her children. By this time even the financial condition of the family had gone bad. In other word this over all condition of this family was not good.

One day this lady gave a serious thought to this problem and decided to do some thing to set it right. After a long deliberation, she decided to select some of her bright children and give them special treatment even at the cost of her other children. Though it was a very difficult decision for her to take, but for over all betterment of the family she was forced to take this decision. This was done with the hope that after these special children grow, they would help rest of her children.

She offered them best of education, food and other facilities. They were offered, rich food, admission in best of schools along with all other things like well ironed school uniform etc. In other word they were very well taken care of.

Since this lady was not rich, this act of her deprived her other children of even the basic amenities like food, clothing schooling etc Many of her children were to satisfy them selves with chobag of chot with a kahva khos in the morning breakfast, followed by simple rice with few leaves of hakh, at times garnished with lassi which was more of water and less of curd. etc. For their education they would go the ill kept municipal schools with torn shirt and even without shoes.

This lady was very sad for these unfavored children. But she had one consolation that once the privileged children would grow, they will take care of their brother and, we will regain our lost glory.

But alas these luckier children had plans of their own, Moment they came to age and were able to stand on their own; every one of them disowned their mother itself, leave aside taking care of their brothers. They left the family and went to stay out side independently, in different corners of the world, Because of their upbringing, and good education, they flourished where ever they went and beyond their imagination. Many of them headed big multinationals companies, occupied very senior posts in their offices, amassed wealth beyond their expectation, and started commanding a respectable position in the society. But they forgot that all that they have achieved is because of the sacrifice given by their mother and the brothers back at home. They forgot all that their mother had wished at the time when they were young.

It is not that they have really forgotten their mother and brothers. They very much remember them. They also talk about them, but only to highlight their shortcomings. They use these observations to justify their acts of not bothering about them. They doubt the integrity of every body back at home. They always believe that if and when they send any financial help (which is not more than a peanut for them) would go in wrong hands. Most of the times they would criticize even those who have dedicated themselves in the service of their brother and mother. It appears that they have mastered in the art of fault finding of others.

They hardly work to find the solution of the problems back at their home. They very well realize that the condition of their mother is getting bad to worst. It is a matter of time when their mother will breathe her last. But they are least bothered

Against that, because of the poor upbringing the under privileged children continue sufferings. Though they are with their mother, but because of the conditions they are in, they could not help her much. They feel sorry for her plight and keep appealing their better off brother for help – but with very little result. If and when they receive any help from their better off brothers they invariably doubted for their integrity. This is the reason often given by their brothers for not doing any thing for them. In the process they ignore the fact that they are loosing their own family

Sorry - all this while I forgot to mention the name of this lady. Her name was ‘maej kasheer’

Her limbs started falling piece by piece. She started loosing her language her culture her rituals, and all that. Every day she would cry for help from her privileged children. But to her bad luck hardly any of them would bother about her.

This lady is so great that in spite of her this condition she does not ask any help for herself. Yes she always feel sorry for the decision she took at the time when these children were young. . She would only request them only one thing that they take care of her those children whom she deprived of the basic amenities during their child hood, and are not able to take care of them selves now. She always held herself responsible for this state of affairs of their. At the same time she is confident of her children who stayed with her. She very much believes that if at all her family reputation is revived that will be because of these very children

Gentlemen - Do you recognize this lady? Possibly yes.- and what about her favored children? not very sure. But if you locate one, please convey the message of this unhappy mother that she is at her fag end of her life and all that she wants form them is that they take care of her other children.

I know many of her children would not pay any heed to your message. But for the sake of this mother if you do this little, it will give her consolation that some one is there who at least is listing to her.

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