Poem- English

Roses are Red, a Sunflower is Golden

*-Meesha Kaw

As a youth, beautifully veiled in innocence
She was seen as a Rose with many thorns
A heart breaker…

Shy eyes waiting and wishing and dreaming
Untouched lips, a crimson temptation
Seasons of life brought the Sun
A warm sensation of truth and love

He was the Sun, she was the Sunflower
Unveiled, revealed, embraced
A humid smothering, a tempest made intrusion
Heavy darkness shattered hearts

Shy eyes spending rain droplets
No longer a Rose, no longer a Sunflower
Simply touched and unexplained
Simply broken… herself

There should be a rose on the bed
Not a bed of roses…
If love is not faithfulness
Then it was never love

She opened all doors, bound in promise
He brought an unnecessary guest
Look into her soul’s infinitely sad windows
And justify why one rose was not enough
Roses are red, a sunflower is Golden

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Meesha Kaw
Age: 19
Birthplace: Sirinagar, Kashmir
Hometown: Chandigargh, Hariyana
Current Residence: Holland, Ohio
School: University of Toledo
Education/Studies: Undergraduate studies in Psychology for Pre-Law and Pre-Med / Sophmore
Hobbies: Humanitarian work, volunteering, writing poems and short stories, tennis, interior decorating...
Future goals: To serve impoverished areas around the world, provide care for abused women and children. Medical School or Law School.

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