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"Vazi Okhandiar"
Vazi Okandiar was born in the beautiful valley of Kashmir in 1965.She has two brothers (Rakesh and Vipul) and a younger sister (Sunita). She is 2nd child in the family. Soon after her birth, her parents moved to Delhi. Her father, Professor H. N. Pandit, always attached great importance to education. In 1978, when her father joined UNESCO, she got an opportunity to get high quality education in Nigeria, Britain and the USA.

She had high school education in Edinburgh, Scotland and joined University of California, Irvine for her undergraduate program in Electrical Engineering. She was one of the 10 female students to finish the Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineer in 1986. Thereafter, she obtained her Master's degree in Computer Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. In year 2000, she finished her Executive MBA program at the University of California, Irvine .

She has worked for several years for software development companies including General Motor, Toyota, Electronic Data System (EDS) and Computer Science Corporation (CSC). She also taught computer science courses at Learning Tree University, DeVry and National University. In 1998, she joined National University, where she worked as the Head of Computer Science Department in the School of Management and Technology.

In 2001, she started N&R Technology, LLC, that specializes in development of educational products like Online education for Kids (KidOle), Online Student Information System (SIS) and Online Learning Management System (LMS) for educational institutions. NR Computer Learning Center, part of N&R Technology, provides computer training to kids and adults.

Currently, she is also working for mLogica as the Vice President, Technology.
She has been working with Girl Scouts of the USA and the Association of Women in Technology (AWT) to promote technology among women.

When ever she gets time, she enjoys cooking Kashmiri dishes for her family and friends. She is indebted to her mother for teaching her how to cook several Kashmiri dishes and also for giving her support that she needed to maintain the balance between professional and family life.

She is happily married to Amit Okhandiar since 1989 and is blessed with two smart boys: Neilabh (15) and Krishna.

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1. Vazi, please tell us what mlogica.Inc is all about, when was it founded and where are its various headquarters? Please tell us something about its management Team and board of advisors.
mLogica is a consulting services company specializing in database management, business intelligence and software development. mLogica was founded in April, 2004. mLogica is strategic partner of Sybase, IBM, Microsoft, Symantec, Actuate and Business Object. We are headquartered in Anaheim, California with key development centers and international offices in India, Malaysia and Scotland.

The executive teams include former senior managers from Sybase, IBM, Electronic Data Systems (EDS) and Computer Science Corporation (CSC). Our board of advisers includes senior executives from BMC Software, Oracle, Sybase, Sony and Warner Home Videos and Warner Music.

2. What are various Technology services and IT solutions offered by mlogica?
We specialize in consulting services related to Database Management and Business Intelligence. We also offer software development, project management and e-Learning services related to IBM, Sybase, Microsoft, Symantec, MicroStrategy, Actuate and Business Object technologies. mLogica’s consultants and professionals across various groups have extensive experience in delivering excellent services to our clients in the areas mentioned earlier.

3. Mlogica has an offshore-onsite model with a development center in pune.What are the major challenges in managing such a set up and how do you ensure that your technical consultants have right level of expertise?
We promote blended model where requirement analysis, architecture and high level design work is completed here at our development center in Anaheim (California). The Detail design and development work is done in India. We also follow company defined software development processes closely to ensure quality is maintained between multiple development centers. In addition, our project managers, architects and senior engineers travel back and forth between Pune (India) and Anaheim (USA) office to ensure the work culture continuity.

4. The word is that mlogica promotes Linux a lot. Is it true? Why Linux?
Linux is an open source operating system and a flavor of UNIX operating system. We believe that software is becoming commodity and many of the core software technologies such as operating system, middleware and database will eventually become open sources. Linux has of course taken the lead. Most of our strategic partners such as IBM and Sybase promote Linux proactively.

5. What was the purpose of starting NR Computer Learning Center and what are its various courses?
mLogica is our business. NR Computer Learning center (NRCLC) is our passion. The purpose of NRCLC is to provide computer related education in Microsoft Office, Adobe product such as Flash and Photoshop, Digital Photography, Website Design, Video Games design and Robotics. Most of our students are kids, women and senior citizens. Our partners are local Cities and Colleges.

6 .In 2005 at an International Education Conference in Bangkok-Thailand, your topic of discussion was on subject "Kids Online Education". Please tell us something in brief about this program.
We have developed an online education tool “KidOle” that provides self-motivated-learning environment to help kids learn Mathematics and English those who are taking California Aptitude test (CAT). It is a database with over 5000 questions and 1000 practice worksheet. It is designed for kids from age 7 to 12. The application provides a real-time feedback to parents, teachers and students. The students who need private lessons have an option to take online classes that takes place from our Pune office.

In 2005, at an International Conference on Education (ICLORD) in Bangkok, Thailand, I presented a technical paper on using a tool such as KidOLE to connect student, parent and teachers to identify student’s gap in educational skill, and to provide a focused learning environment to overcome those gaps.

In 2007, in Kochi (Karla), I presented a paper on the growing demand for e-learning. Following are list of some more articles that were published last year:

7. What are the skills required to manage and develop architecture for multi-million dollar International Projects?
Education and Experience. I have a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and MBA from University of California, Irvine and Masters in Computer Science from IIT, Chicago. I gained architecture and project management experience while I was working for companies and institutions such as Thomas Brothers Maps, EDS, Computer Science Corporation(CSC), United Nations and while teaching at National University, University of Phoenix, Learning Tree, DeVry Institute of Technology and Irvine Valley College.

8. How will you describe yourself at personal level? How do you like to spend your leisure time?
I love to teach children and spend time with my family. I also enjoy traveling with my family to various countries.

9. How do you strike a balance between work, social activities and family?
Due to global development centers at mLogica, the work goes on 7X24. I maintain a flexible schedule. I also have a full fledged office setup in my home. We try to mix vacations with business travels to best utilize time. I really enjoy what I do at mLogica and especially at NRCLC. I never saw this as work.

10. What advice or mantra would you like to share with readers, especially aspiring IT professionals?
Opportunities in IT industry are immense. To succeed in IT industry, one should have powerful communication skill, strong background in Mathematic and positive attitude towards learning new technologies/software. And MBA really helps if one wants to move into management side of the IT industry.

11. Please tell us the happiest day in your personal life/professional life.
The happiest day in my life was when I got 7 As in my high school examination at O-Level in Scotland. That was my turning point in life when I realized that hard work pays off in life.

12. Do you have a certain life philosophy that you try to live by?
I enjoy whatever I decide to do in my life. I set my goals and try my best to achieve them. I don't like to procrastinate. I believe in hardwork and maintaining peace in family life.

13. Challenges you faced from formative year of your career till now.
With patience and hardwork, I have succeeded in maintaining a reasonable balance between my family life and professional responsibilities.

With my strong educational and professional background, I have often succeeded and enjoyed the management of multicultural teams and working with diverse groups in IT industry. However, due to the lack of sufficient time at my disposal, I find it difficult to give the required support to my two teenage kids.

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