Protest Rally against Jihadi Terror

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Hindus and Jews Join in a Protest Rally against Jehadi Terror in Kashmir
Miami, Florida (USA) October 17, 2021
Indian community of South Florida, many of whom are Hindus of Kashmiri origin, staged a protest in Miami, Florida on October 16, 2021 calling for an end to Jehadi Terrorism that has killed thousands of innocent Hindus and Sikhs and ethnically cleansed Hindu community from their home of 5,000 years. The rally was attended by hundreds and organized by Kashmir Hindu Foundation, Inc and Kashmir Solidarity.

The latest killing of prominent pharmacist who had not left Kashmir valley even during brutal, forced exodus of 90’s has sent shock waves amongst the tiny community of Kashmiri Hindus popularly known as Kashmiri Pandits. Makhanlal Bindroo, who owned the most famous pharmacy story in the heart of Srinagar was shot dead at a point-blank range without any warning. Almost at the same time, a street food vendor from Bihar was shot dead sending the message that no non-kashmiri will be allowed to work and earn an honest living in Kashmir. A day after these brutal killings, two teachers from minority communities of Sikhs and Dogras were targeted and a Sikh teacher, Supinder Kaur and Dogra teacher from Jammu, Deepak Chand were shot dead. Since then, many more targeted killings have been reported. Kalpana Suri, a close family member of the Bindroo family spoke passionately about raising a unified voice to stop ongoing brutalities against the humanity.

The protesters were also joined by Jews also want to see justice given to the victims of genocide for which no one has been punished till today. Joe Kaufman a 2014, 2016 and 2018 Republican nominee for US House of Representatives Florida congressional district 23 spoke the relevance of exposing the terrorist sympathizing organizations like Islamic Society of North America & ICNA. ICNA is the American arm of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), South Asia’s largest Islamist group. ICNA has spent 30-plus years harboring Ashrafuz Zaman Khan, a former death squad leader allegedly responsible for the murder of 18 individuals. In July 2014, ICNA co-sponsored a pro-Hamas rally in Downtown Miami.

The protestors chanted slogans like ’Stop jihad terrorist against Minorities in Kashmir’ and ‘Fight back Jehadi terrorism’. Deepak Ganju, the founding member of KHF, spoke passionately about why the global community needs to wake up and understand what is happening in Kashmir, is the worst violation of Human Rights anywhere in the world. Many protesters said their families were forced to flee in 1990 and their families do not feel safe in returning to their homes.

The protesters called upon Government of India to take strong measures to safeguard remaining minority members in the valley and ensure that no more targeted killings take place. They also called upon the Government of the United States of America to speak on behalf of tiny minority of Kashmir who are suffering from the worst form of Human Rights abuse by Jehadi terrorists.