Life Beyond the Black Night

19th January 1990, Kashmir
Rajan Nakhasi
Author: Rajan Nakhasi
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Throughout its long history, humanity has inevitably produced men of exceptional intelligence and it is from their experience and accumulated intuition that all cultures and civilizations derive.

The dark forces which seem to rule the modern world have shown great ability in diverting, deforming and annihilating all man’s instinctive urges toward basic realities and the divine order of the world. As soon as a spark of light is glimpsed, it is taken over by those whose mission it is to pervert and exploit it, thus transforming what is beneficial into something maleficent.

Since 1990, after the outbreak of the pro-Islamic Pakistan sponsored armed insurgency in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, many Journalists and writers flooded the market with their books on the subject. Most of these writers had a little knowledge as a witness to the events that took place during the affected period which they have mentioned in their respective books. As such they had to depend upon the version of other people for the purpose of writing about exact happenings and relevant details.

We try to regard with horror the crimes of certain fanatical sects, without seeing their relationship to war, genocide, and the destruction of the mankind.

This armed insurgency is not a sudden occurrence that happened in Kashmir by surprise; it was a plan hatched by the Pakistan which gathered momentum over years and years. I can correlate it to the barbaric invasion by the tribal men known as Kabali who were gathered, supported and sponsored by Pakistan and persuaded them into loot, arson, killings, rape and plunder in the state of Jammu and Kashmir during Oct 1947.

My book “Life beyond the black Night” is the outburst of my observation as witness as well as the sufferer of the events which happened in the Kashmir. The book also mentions about some historical facts known to the most. The contents of the book are my personal views, an ordeal and the experiences which I have gone through.

I have written this book, insufficient though it may be, for some people of goodwill, lost in a world of false values, so that it may remind some that a way of wisdom did exist and still exists. The historical fact suggests that there might be some hope of their reverting to the pantheistic attitude, now that they have become aware of the badness of the consequences of the monotheistic lack of respect for the mankind. My heart bleeds for every such innocent person who suffered and was unfortunately killed during this turmoil.

From the Garden and lakes of paradise to the enjoyable life in the heaven on earth and from the ethnic cleansing of Pandits from their age old homes resulting in the worst ever exodus of Kashmiri Pandits and their sufferings in the make shift tents at the various camps in Jammu, and from suffering by the Kashmiri Muslims under the gun point to the disappearance of the youth, I have tried to mention it.

From the communal harmony of pre 1990 era to the recruitment of Muslim youths into armed insurgency disturbing the peace of Kashmir and from suffering of the Kashmiri Pandits in the migrant camps to the abandonment of the old aged, I have tried to cover it in the factual manner

In this book, I have mentioned about the sufferings of all the people and the communities who lived in Kashmir and Jammu during that period and the incidents mentioned are my personal observation.

I do not claim to present a solution to the turmoil. On the basis of my personal experience, I have made a small effort to clear the ground which seems to be encumbered with ignorance.
Rajan Nakhasi, Author, Journalist
Ex.Ministry of Defence executive, Govt of India