The severe crackdown on conservative voices in US and permanent suspension of Trump's twitter account after the chaotic events at Capitol Hill proves that Left knows how to use power ruthlessly. Even ardent Trump supporters dumped him and the Republican lawmakers stood mewling, expressing remorse at the course of events and didn't go ahead with the objection some of them wanted to raise over results of some closely contested States. They were hoping for some concession for themselves from the Democrats, maybe pinning hope on good old times when the swamp unanimously voted to invade Iraq but the American Left has tasted blood. There will be no pleasing them.

Two months of sustained riots and arsoning on the pretext of death of some drug addled felon couldn't shame Left but a few hours of some rogue bunch of people breaching security of Capitol made the Republicans go begging on their knees. To complete the humiliation Nancy Pelosi has served ultimatum to Trump to either resign or face impeachment. That's a warning to those 75 million people to not dare to ever have an opinion contrary to the establishment and to discourage emergence of another disruptor-in-Chief like Trump. The situation is so bad that they want to put Trump voters on no-fly list and threaten their job security. A publication house has refused to publish the book of a Republican Senator. Left won't stop with this dehumanisation and will go to farthest possible extent as history has shown us time and again.

There is a lesson for all of us to never pander to Left, never seek validation from sold out media, never ever. You give an inch and they will be on your throat. They are vicious and heartless. I never thought that there will be such severe curtailment of free speech in America but the Left is trying to ensure that there is no challenging opinion and no political opposition to them in any form of media. Hope, we are watching it and more importantly our Government is paying attention to the nefarious plans of Big Tech which is now a puppet of Left.

This is horrific and dystopian.
Vatsala Srivastava