Vaakhs of Lalleshwari

My Tribute to the Vaakhs of Lalleshwari
Dr. Chamanlal Raina
Video of Mata Lalleshwari’s poem by Dr.Chaman Lal Raina
Cover Picture from book Parag
Name of artists whose artwork is used in the video
Sh.K.L.Raina, .Sh.Rattan Parimoo, Sh.Ravi Dhar
Dear Editor, Namaskar, Thank you for this adoration put by your esteemed E-Journal. Lalleshwari is the Trika Yogini of the highest order. She is to be studied from the Pratyabijnya Spanda an the Upanishadic thought. Thanks to Smt Jyoti ji for reciting this tribute. OM Lallesghwaryai Namah
Added By Chaman Lal; Raina