Soun RAAG koshur RAAG
koshurRAAG is a Sangam where Music & Melody meets Culture and Language. It connects and engages Kashmiri Pandits across the Globe, by facilitating and showcasing Talent, leveraging koshurRAAG digital ecosystem.

koshurRAAG is a confluence where Kashmiri Pandit Artists – Singers & Musicians meet passionate Music lovers to learn Art of Koshur Music, Showcase Talent in different genres and language categories, Support and Promote Aspiring Kashmiri Pandits Artists, correlate Science, Medicine & Therapy with Music and narrate Kashmiri Pandit History and Heritage via Sound of Music – Vocal, Instrumental, Poetry, Anecdotes, etc.

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Upcoming Events
koshurRAAG Kashmiri Music/Songs Night - January 02, 2021 @ 8pm EST
Guest Singers to kick off the Event

koshurRAAG Workshop - January 16, 2021 @ 8:30 pm EST
(US and Canada only)

Conducted by
Renowned Kashmiri Pandit Musician

Kashmiri Pandits of ALL AGES are invited to Interact and Learn
"How to Self-Assess Your Music Talent"
Vocal Readiness | Sense of Sur | Breathing Techniques