They Tell Me

They Tell Me

They tell me not to grieve
But my grieving heals me

They tell me, she is at a better place
But nobody has been to that place

They tell me, she is watching from there
I can’t feel her gaze

They tell me, it is time to move on
But I cannot see a path forward

They tell me, things happen for a good reason,
But the truth is nobody has given me that good reason.

They tell me, to be grateful for the time I had,
But the truth is, I got no time to be grateful for

They tell me to go somewhere for a change,
But the truth is there is no place far enough.

I want to tell them to call her name,
Because it is something I long to hear every day.

Please let me grieve in my way
I will get my healing on someday.
Chandramukhi Ganju