Beautiful Depression: A Sad Fancy

Beautiful Depression: A Sad Fancy

*-Meesha Kaw

I kneel beside the deathbed
The deathbed of whom I treasure
Sweat sparkles upon his gaunt face
The crimson of his lips gone
Once there was life in those eyes
And now nothing is left, but merciless shock
The good days are nevermore

Outside the trees are burnt with sorrow
Leaves of all sorts__reds to oranges to yellows, dispersed
The ebony sky mourns for what is to come
Creating a tempest with loud cries for my beloved one
I carefully wipe the dew upon his grim brow
Oh! What past sins is he paying for now?
The good days are nevermore

His chest rises greatly with distress
As his eyes close gently, begging for the saintly rest
Oh! He cannot leave me here; I am your maiden fair
Take me with you; I am your maiden fair
Do not let go of my hands, this I dare
Together we shall cross this line, to infinity
The good days are nevermore

To the world of ghosts and enigmatic terror, we will go
The full moon will shine and the fowl demons of darkness will growl
As they lower our souls in the core of the earth
I will be bequeathed blessed death
Blood will mark our love
A seal of ashes that will never be forgotten
The good days are nevermore

It has been days since no one has lain in…
The bed of silence, unbroken
The white sheets, now yellow, carry emptiness
He will come back, I know
For me, the prince of my dreams
Come back, come back
The good days are nevermore

And then I shall see this place called heaven
Unless destined by my morals to be somewhere else
I will encounter the Great God
Ask Him a lot, I will ask Him much
Why o why did he break my beloved’s heart?
Why o why are we miserably apart?
The good days are nevermore

Oh! Well! He will come back for me
People are gossiping and calling me insane
But soon I will enter the immortal world
And make them repent in their dreams
Haunt them; I tell you, haunt them…
I will

The good days are nevermore
Names will not cause me pain
Gossip will not kill my strength
I pity these narrow-minded mortals
Our love will not have a finite end
I will see him, touch him, and feel him
I will breathe within him
Again and again, in the world beyond
The good days are nevermore

Oh! I hear the raven cry
Repeatedly I sigh, a doubting sigh
When will this distance end?
When will I be in his arms again?
Have I been living a lie?
Call my name, take me away
But the raven flies away without me
Into the heavenly sky…

Meesha Kaw
Age: 19
Birthplace: Sirinagar, Kashmir
Hometown: Chandigargh, Hariyana
Current Residence: Holland, Ohio
School: University of Toledo
Education/Studies: Undergraduate studies in Psychology for Pre-Law and Pre-Med / Sophmore
Hobbies: Humanitarian work, volunteering, writing poems and short stories, tennis, interior decorating...
Future goals: To serve impoverished areas around the world, provide care for abused women and children. Medical School or Law School.

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Meesha, you write beautiful and your poems are full of emotions. Keep it up!
Added By deepak Ganju
I am an admirer of all your poems.
Added By Anil Zutshi
Meesha, Very nice and eloquent. Refreshing!
Added By Neeta Grover
Now Meesha, this is impressive. I liked the tone and tenor of your sonnet. Keep it up. BL Dhar.
Added By BL Dhar