Inner Bliss


Inner Bliss

Being able to derive

an infinite sense of joy

in things, so trivial,

that may be easily

overlooked by most people.

Simply being able to

keep that naive child

inside you alive,

who still prefers to play

in the puddles and

get excited with the thought

of swings and roller coaster rides,

who prefers those cute handmade cards

over grand gifts,

whose eyes twinkle

while witnessing a child

play merrily in the playground

and doesn't hesitate in joining,

who doesn't mind

staying a little longer

in the car to hear the complete song,

who enjoys stargazing

and moon watching

more than those episodes

of his favorite series,

who knows that

there is more to life

than a busy one

in a big lavish bungalow

with heaps of money,

who can just decode

all the nuances of human life

with utmost innocence.

Not just this,

but by being able to

derive joy and inner bliss

by just doing your meager bit for someone-

you might be able save someone's world

from tearing apart,

giving them just the right piece of hope

they were seeking from so long,

by just being there for someone,

for sometimes

these small and seemingly insignificant things

make the most powerful impact on people

and may occupy a huge room in their hearts

and in the end this is all that makes a difference

and lends a feeling of immense inner joy and content

Vibhasa Raina, MBBS 4th year student Ajmer (India)