The signs of God

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We all need to pray because that brings us closer to God and we all need to know that God may manifests himself in ways other than what the humans think he would. Because there is no evidence to the contrary we know for sure that he does not talk and ramble the way we do. He communicates and talks to all living souls by signs which we know is the truth. We only fail to recognize that gesture because we expect God to behave like the rest of us and do not notice the subtle overtures he makes with use of signs that come to us through his creations. It may be a flower blossoming on its pods, a leaf falling in summer, a ripple of wind on calm waters, a blow of fragrance floating on the air waves, a rift in the clouds, the squeal of a bird as it flies, the heat of fire as it leaps around its source or the cries of a baby not yet learnt in the art of talk.

We just imagine that God looks like the rest of us and do not realize that he could be like anything from being a shimmering fish swimming in deep waters, or a horse grazing in green fields, or a reptile slithering in a jungle of grass, or a butterfly flaunting its colors on wings of flight, or a falcon ready to pounce on its prey or for that matter a bull elephant raising its trunk high up in the air to smell its surroundings. We have closed our options on God and forgotten the basic instinct of reading the signs. We think we have evolved, but matter of fact when it comes to knowing anything about God we have lacked in our understanding of him. We do say that he is the creator, but do not recognize him in his signs of creation.

When we compare the various living species on earth we believe that a human race is the most evolved than the rest. The marked feature that separates the humans with the other creatures is that it has two distinctly developed hands that no other species has. Hence the misconception that God will just look like the rest of us, because he has created all with the use of his hands, little realizing that God could as well have a multitude of hands that do multitasking the way we can-not even imagine to accomplish. And we feel if we talk the God will also talk, without realizing that he may really not like to talk at all. When we think of the other creatures we do understand that some of these are endowed with some of the gifts better than the humans. Some species have better vision than humans, some have acute hearing powers in frequency bands that humans can-not comprehend, or better still some have smelling powers that can beat humans in their ability to do so under normal conditions. So why do we have to carry the misconception that we are the better species as compared to the rest.

And who can claim that God cannot react if he is in a form other than that of a human. Well as a matter of fact he is very good in showing his emotions in whatever form he is and all his reactions are ordained in his signs. He can be happy with you or angry at your actions. And if he is happy he will shower you with a light rain in the midst of a blazing summer and if he is angry it will be a deluge of rain or a cloud burst that threatens your life and property. It may snow steady if he is pleased but if angry, you face a storm or a fierce hail that can kill you. He knows how to play with fire. His fire can warm you when cold but it can burn you even in severe cold conditions. He can take you down the hill in a steady run or break your knees if not happy. But he also rewards you for some good actions that you may not even realize are his gifts of love. At the same time he does not shout out loud that whatever he does is his doing.

Your wisdom lies in choosing your companions and the people around you. He does not recognize them as distant or different from you. If you suffer, they suffer too. If he kills you in an accident, they get killed as well. Or for that matter you could be the companion instead being the object of his target. So it is you who will suffer the way your companion does and all you have to do to be spared of an agony is first to follow the righteous path and second choose well who should be your companions in life. Your life depends on this matter.

We have heard about something called a hunch or gut-feeling or the most misunderstood word called sixth sense with which we all are born but have lost its usage with the passage of time. Over the centuries the non-usage of this talent has made us shed the instinct, but of course it has not burnt off totally and sometimes it comes alive without a warning. May be at one time it was good but we are slowly losing this aspect of our ability. Sixth sense is actually the art of perception of a sign given us by God and now it appears once in a while when we are not really looking out for it. It is up to us to accept or ignore the indicator of a situation that may either be pleasant or painful when finally realized. Our minds are not attuned to decipher signs and generally we ignore this sixth sense or hunch or the gut feeling. If properly understood it may be a savior at times and harbinger of tidings, good or bad. People in the so called stone-age would of course be guided by sixth sense and that is how they survived the most difficult period of evolution in their lives. It was nature that nurtured them and today the technology has taken over this aspect of our abilities and we have lost the significance of this sense even though we do refer to it at times in a nonchalant manner. There is no reason to disbelieve that our bodies are gifted to receive the sixth sense that we seem to ignore as our mental conditioning has deprived us the usage ability of this art. The human body, however, continues to receive the signs all the time. And we go through the realization daily in our lives.

Now many of us folks sometimes feel some kind of vibrations to which we may respond with a varied sense of belonging depending on how that translates into our body read-out. It may be prudent to develop a study of the sign language so that we do understand our responses at the opportune moment. And that is what is exactly lacking in today’s world. We have come to a point where we have categorized our faith and have no control over it as it gets guided by external forces. We hardly ever look back in time and understand that this was a regular custom with mankind when religious differences did not exist. All humans then lived in a state of mind where they were closer to God who directed their actions with his signs without assigning any particular faith to such actions. The history of evolution is witness to the fact that good and bad co-existed from the start and it continues to hold sway over our lives. But it is only in the current character of events that we have taken the bad more seriously over the deeds that were defined by good causes leaving our lives in a state of turmoil which forbid us to be closer to the concept of God and we just fail to find him or recognize the signs that are obvious enough to be picked up without much ado. We all believe in God and should not believe in the perception of him in any particular life form because we may really not know how to identify him. So take the best alternative and look out for those signs that clearly indicate his presence.
Shri B.L. Dhar was born, brought up and educated at Srinagar. After getting his postgraduate degree in Mathematics, he decided to venture out of the state and seek an avocation more suitable to his taste. He joined the Civil Aviation sector as a Gazetted officer and finally retired as General Manager from the Airports Authority of India. He now lives in Delhi. He is an avid reader and has interest in writing. He has been writing for Shehjar for many years now.