Distortion & Aberrations in History

It is well known fact now that history what we read is what rulers of the day want you to read. It becomes then obvious that what we read may be far away from truth. A history which does not tell truth is no history—As good as fiction. Truth is suppressed and false is projected in such a way that it appears to be truth. Take for example, “Aryans invaded India in 1500BC”. This lie continues to be taught in schools/colleges in India even today when it is proved that this imaginary invasion never took place. This lie was spread and incorporated by Christian missionaries to legitimize British rule in India plus show superiority of Christianity over other religions of the region. So much has been this propaganda successful that even today we have history books about India by western writers in University book shelves. India which should have occupied huge space in world history finds itself in foot notes of history books. To some extent some blame goes to Indian scholars who instead of doing research in Indian literature, rely on western translations. They do so because of their inferiority complex which has creeped in them after a long foreign rule. There is also element of greed and selfishness in them. They do not want to displease their sponsors/masters either. This is Self-betrayal.

The concept of people, language and Agriculture arriving in India through North West corridor does not hold to scrutiny. Indeed all European, many Africans can trace their ancestry to South Asia [India]. There is no trace of this imaginary invasion in Indian literature, in archeological and Anthropological records and it is invisible at genetic level too.

Now west has come up with this idea that Sanskrit is their language, migrated to India and are precursors to present Hinduism. They are even saying that Swami Vivekananda borrowed western ideas and came up with Neohinduism concept. This is an absolute lie. Swami Vivekananda was a passionate advocate of Vedanta—Yoga unity. Swami instead was reconciling dualism and nondualism. West rejects Indian ideas but espouses same clothed in western vocabulary. Best example, Christian yoga. Yoga was unknown to Christian world till yesterday. Having found its usefulness they not only have started to adopt it but give it western cover. They dilute source of such ideas so that in future source gets obliterated and what remains repacked idea with western connotation. Such is their way of working.

West has been criticizing Puranas telling they lack historicity plus they do not write of contemporary events. In fact same can be said of Gospels. Many believe that many events mentioned in Gospels lack historicity. Secondly, Gospels initially were conveyed orally, written much later. An argument held against Vedas is valid for Gospels. A clear case of double standards. Bible is silent about childhood of Jesus Christ from 13 years—29 years. When there are scholars giving account of this period, church just ignores them. These scholars say Jesus was in India during this period. In India he went to Banaras, Magadha, Puri , Kashmir ,Ladakh. He also had been to Taxilla in Pakistan and Nepal. He went to these places for spiritual learning. Nicholas Notovitch [1887AD], Swami Abhedananda, Steven Hairfield have claimed to have seen scrolls in Ladakh and Tibet mentioning Jesus visit. Steven Hairfield even says that Jesus taught like Buddhist monk, only words changed. BBC documentary, “Jesus was a Buddhist monk” attests to Stevens saying. About his resurrection there are differing views. Some say he did not die on cross, others say he was bodily lifted to Heavens. Now there is another version which church is totally ignoring. According to this version Jesus survived crucifixion, went East wards along some followers. He went to India, to be precise to Kashmir. It is in Kashmir where he lived rest of his life. He is buried in shrine “Rozabal”, Khanyar, Srinagar, Kashmir. This shrine is dedicated to Youza Asouph and Nasir-u-din. Youza Asouph was name given to ISSA [name of Jesus in east] by Persians [read Iqmal udd, Rauzat-us-safa]. Youza Asouph means healer. In this shrine there are foot prints showing nail marks. Suzanne Olsson, American author says evidence of “Rozabal” is full proof of Jesus tomb in Kashmir. Presently there are over 30 publications writing about Jesus tomb in Kashmir. Even Bhavishya Puran [200AD] writes about meeting of” ISSA” with king Shalivahan.

A pertinent question comes now. Why is church silent on this? Why church not doing its research to find for itself truth of Tibetan scrolls and “Rozabal” shrine? One may mention here that Resurrection is most important pillar of Christianity. It is high time church answers this question, “Jesus in India” to clear doubts in minds of people. Just brushing aside this question won’t do in this modern scientific era. Why historians of Jesus time do not write about him is also mind boggling?

West has been telling that India had no worthwhile civilization in past. Ramayana and Mahabharata are mythological stories. It is west which gave civilization to India. West incidentally borrows lot from Greek civilization to prove its point. There is documentary evidence that Greece took lot of ideas and philosophical thoughts from Vedic civilization which antedated Greek civilization. This fact is totally ignored by western writers. There are now dozens of documents both archeological and anthropological along with satellite photographs which clearly prove that there was Vedic civilization [7000BC—2500BC] IN India. This Vedic civilization antedated Indus civilization [2500BC---1750BC]. These dates are far ahead of Egyptian and Sumerian civilizations which west feels are cradle of human civilizations. Instead India should be labelled cradle of human civilization. Such is mind set of western scholars that they are not ready to accept that something worth came from Asia, particularly from India. This propaganda has been so successful during their rule of India that we Indians were made to feel that we had no worthy past.

Al Baruni 1030AD writes about Ramsetu [bridge between India and Srilanka]. Carbon dating and Archeoastronomy have established date of Ramsetu [bridge] 5076BC and war with Ravana in 5076BC. Sri Lankan government has come out with evidence about Ravana palace and related places mentioned in Ramayana. Historian B B Lal gives date of Lord Krishna between 5700BC-1400BC. Professor Achar of Memphis University gives date of Mahabharata 3067BC. About Ramsetu Ramayana says it is 100 yojanasx10 yojanas. This bridge even today is 35km x 3.5km. Its unique curvature indicates it is man-made not geographical occurrence. Submerged Dwarka city has been found and various artifacts of Lord Krishna time have been retrieved. Existence of river Saraswati has been proved by satellite photography. This river is mentioned as mighty river over 30 times in Rigveda, now dried up >2000BC. Despite all this evidence west is not ready to accept historicity of Vedic civilization and its philosophical thoughts.

. Vedic physics says time is subtle energy which manifests before cosmic manifestation. Time controls movements of Universe. This wisdom is in total harmony with modern scientific views. Big bang says universe is 13.7 billion year old, Vedas say one Brahma day is 4,320,000,000 years. In fact astrophysicist Carl Sagan said,” The Hindu religion is the only one of the great faiths, dedicated to the idea that Cosmos itself, undergoes an immense, indeed, an infinite number of deaths and births. It is only religion in which time scales correspond to the modern cosmology”.ME Grant Duff British historian had said this ,”Many of the advances in sciences that one considers today to have been made in Europe were in fact made in India centuries ago”.

Despite all overwhelming proof of India’s past mighty civilization with great wisdom, India is still in foot notes of world history. What a distortion of history with prejudice?

Now let me revert back to Kashmir [maaj kashir]. Kashmir not only is head of India but has been fountainhead of many things. It is here SHAIVISM got its roots, Buddhist congress in Kanishka time was held here. Sharda University imparted education including spiritual to pupils of country as well foreign students. There was a time Kashmir kings ruled significant portion of North India including Afghanistan, Tibet and sizable portion of present Eastern India. Kashmiri king took part in Mahabharata war. People came from rest of India to learn various philosophies including Shakti doctrine. Muslim Sufi’s and Chinese visited Kashmir for learning and enhancement of their spiritual knowledge. In fact it was called “Rishi vaer” [Rishi abode]. Alas, this whole scenario changed after 1339AD. Sultanate ruled it from 1346AD-1561AD, Chaks from 1561AD—1587AD, followed by Moghul rule 1587AD-1752AD and Afghan rule 1752AD-1819AD. It is during this period Kashmir went through hell. Everything that was Kashmiri was systematically destroyed. Thousands of temples were grounded/burnt. Kashmiri culture including pundit culture was looted and destroyed. Names of places were changed. Anything which was connected to KP was systematically erased. Impression was being created that everything in Kashmir is Islamic. Take the case of Shankaracharya temple. This temple was built by king Gopaditya in 371BC. Hill was called Gopidari hill. It received its present name when temple was dedicated to Adi Shankarya. King Sikander but- shikan [1389AD-1413AD] destroyed all Idols of this temple. This temple later was repaired in Sikh and Dogra rule. Maharaja Ranbir singh installed present Shiva Idol in temple. Such is history of this temple. Now Muslim fanatics are changing its name to Takht-t-Suleiman [Throne of Solomon], Tarikhi Hassan confirms it. King Solomon never visited India forget Kashmir. Then why this name? This Muslim fanatics want to ensure to tell future generations about antiquity of Islam in Kashmir. There are already some Muslims telling now that everybody is borne as Muslim. We know Islam came just after 610AD. King Solomon died in 950BC when Islam was nowhere on scene. Preislamic annals of Kashmir do not mention Solomon anywhere. This is the type of distortion/corruption done by Islamists in Valley.

It is interesting to note here that King Jahangir dismantled sculptured stone stairs of this temple and these stones were used by his wife Noor jahan to build Pathar Masjid near zaina kadal. This Masjid was never used for worship by Sunni Muslims of Kashmir as it was built by Shia women, Noor jahan. Vishnu temple was destroyed and mosque built there, now known as Jamia Masjid. Shah-i-hamdan mosque was built after destroying Mahakali temple near Fateh kadal. What today is Dastgir sahib was once a Shiva temple at Khanyar. All this done in Muslim rule of Kashmir [1400AD—1819AD]. This list can get bigger and bigger .Kohi-i-Maran is now name suggested to Hari Parbat, abode of Mata Sharika. Imagine visiting Kashmir after 100 years. Would that person believe that Kashmiri Pundit lived here and this land belonged to him and this place once thrived on Hindu Philosophy?

We are not able to save our belongings and Temples even in independent India. Indian union has accepted nonsecular Islamized Kashmir, providing liberal funding for mini Pakistan at home. Home Land is a wishful thinking. It suites Indian so called secularist politician not Kashmiri Pundit. So called secular media also sings in favour of these opportunist politicians. Hard earned independence after a long spell of foreign rule is yet again at thresh hold of making history but for wrong reasons. It is high time we wake up, see the naked reality in front of us and act. We have to correct the distortions in history books, challenge Islamic fundamentalism with iron hands and stop disruptive elements in the way of national progress. That way only nation can be saved. Appeasement is not solution to problem but aggravator of problem.

Big question for Kashmiri Pundit now is, should he fight for his rights and restoration of distortions made in valley or quit? There are already some leaders telling him to quit. Will that be right decision, will future generations forget our cowardice?
*Dr. Makhan Lal Babu, Born and brought up in Kashmir, lived in Kashmir till his migration from valley in 1990. Retired as Professor and Head Neurosurgery from Institute of Medical sciences, Soura, Srinagar. Has published a lot of professional articles, both in national and international journals. His interests, besides medicine, are in Ancient history of Kashmir, Vedas and Ancient India. His focus is educating youth who are fast losing track of their glorious roots and culture.
A very well researched and thought provoking article. Every literate person should critically assess historical facts put forth for public consumption by partisan historians before accepting as the holy truth. Let us learn to question and demand answers to bring about a change in our thought process.
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