Author: Pandit Rajanak Niranjan Nath Raina
Author: Pandit Rajanak Niranjan Nath Raina
Date: 2015
Pages: 36
Binding: Softcover
Price INR 50.00
Book Review
(The sacred text in the book is related to the invocation of the Nava Durga in Sanskrit. A multi colored Dhyana picture of the AshtaBuja Shri Raginya is on the cover page, painted by Alok Sharma, on the pattern of Kashmir paintings. Two Paintings by Dr Chaman Lal Raina signifies the Puja Yantra of the Kashmir Shaktivad tradition of Shri Chandi Nava Duga, and the First Samvatsara. Dr Abhinav Kamal Raina has put the Biographical note of Pandit Niranjan Nath Raina, at the back of the cover page)

The SaptaShati is marked in the Trayodasha Adhyayah/Thirteen chapters, within three section of the Markandeya Purana. Being the facets of the Divine Mother adored as Shri Durga Mahishasura Mardini, in the triadic form of Shri MahaKali, Maha Lakshmi Maha Saraswati, is in the 700 Shlokas. .Hence the Name Shri Sapta Shati. This text is considered as the Shakta interpretation of the Vedas, as is seen in the Viniyoga Mantra of each section.

Kashmir is spiritually attached to the Ishta Devis - Shri Raginya at Tullamulla, Shri Sharika in Shrinagar, Shri Jwala at Khrew, Shri Badr Kali in the Handwara area, Shri Mahakali at FatehKadal, on the bank of the river Jehlum (Vitasta), Shri Jyestha near Chashma Shahi, Shri Kulavegeshvari at Kulgam, Shri Tripurasundari at Devsar, Shri Shailapuri at Baramulla area. These are revered as the Ishta Devis.

During the Navaratra days in the month of Chaitra/spring season and Ashvini/autumn season, the Devis are revered as the Nava Durga. Nava means Nine, Durga the Divine Mother as the Kanya. Knya Puja is described in this book. These are:
  • 1. Shaila Putri
  • 2. Brahmacharini
  • 3. Chandraganta
  • 4. Kushmanda
  • 5. SkandMata
  • 6. Kaatyayani
  • 7. Kalaratri
  • 8. Maha Gari and
  • 9. Siddhi Dhatri.

Nava Durgas are invoked on the Nine days.All the 9 numbers are considered as a thread to make the Yantrik representation of the Chandi Bija-, which is of the Nine mystic syllables.


* Rahasya in the Kashmir Shaivism and Shakti tradition means the secret /occult in nature.Hence the purity of body ,mind and soul are very much appreciated in the Puja/adoration to the Dvine Mother.
* The Nyasa is initiated with the Gayatrui Mantra,as being the invocation of the specific Chakras in the body.This is verily,a Kashmir Shaktivad tradition.
* The Bhadra Pathamam is Vedic, mostly of the Mantras of the Devi Atharva Veda Shirsham. It is concludd with Kumari Sangyan Dhyanam.

About the Author
Pandit Niranjan Nath Raina
Born in Srinagar Kashmir, in 1906, attained Nirvana on Shrawan Shukla Saptami at Ajmer Rajasthan, in 1999 A.D. Born to Pandit Amar Chand Raina of the Rajanak Swamin Gautama Gotra, of the Shaivi and Shakta Parampara.His ancestors hailed from the Inderkoot area of Sumbal, hence they had great affinity with the Nandakeshvara at Sumbal. He lost his father, when he was barely three year old. Being very sharp and vigilant,he was initiated into the Agamic Bija Mantras by Tapasvini Padman Ded, who happened to be his grand mother.She was a great devotee of the Bhuvaneshvari--Shri Raja Rajeshvari of the Kadi system of invocation, who passed away in 1947 at the ripe age of 103 years.

Pandit N N Raina studied Sanskrit,under the guidance of Pandit Govind Bhat Shastri of Rainawari Srinagar,after his early education at the Mission School FatehKadal, Srinagar. He studied the Kadi Vidya system under Pandit Madhav Kak Yaksha, of Batayar Ali Kadal,Srinagar, Sanskrit teacher of the Mission School,in his teen age. His teacher in the Vyakrana was Pandit Govind Kak Shastri of Qarafali Mohalla Srinagar, Thus he became adept in the Agamic literature. and passed on this esoteric system to the aspirants.

This Matrika Viniyoga, was later transcribed from Sharada to the Devanagri, for making the aspirants know the Kadi sysyem of Puja Paddhati, in a very lucid way.The present book is the  AnushThana text of the Shakti tradition of Kashmir for the devotees, interested in the Nava Durga Kanya Puja, a configuration of the Vedic and Agamic approach though the Yantrik system.

Dr .Abhinav kamal Raina, PG Deptt of Commerce
Govt Mahrana Pratap College Chittore,Rajasthan
This book suggests that the quintessence of the Durga is the vibrant force of Mahishasura-Mardini.She is the shakti of all the Devatas---,but She is prominent in the Nava Durga,adored as any female child,revered as Kanya. I have learnt the Puja Vidhi from this book.
The information provided on our Bhairvas needs to be preserved. And it is wonderful that you have kept this alive with your writeups in Shehjar. Can you please write in detail on each of these?
Added By Ashok Dhar
We are thankful to those devotees who participate in the Shri Chandi Havan at Ajmer,according to this sacred text.It is a Prologue to the Chandi Homam .An integrated approach is seen in the AVAHAN MANTRAS during the NAVA DURGA days.
An enlightening review with a lot of relevant information on Devi upasana .I wonder where is this book available?how can it be purchased/acquired?
Added By kartikay Gautam
Dear Readers Those interested can contact about this book from Dr.Abhinav Kamal Raina,address given in the Review/about this book.
I want to buy the book authered by pt raina Sri Saptshati hridya Rahasyam
Added By Bharat Bhushan
I want to buy the book authered by pt raina Sri Saptshati hridya Rahasyam
Added By Bharat Bhushan
Please send me no of of Abhinav kamal Raina
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