Kashmiri Songs, Skits, Dance, Asuna- ta- Ginduna

Kashmiri Songs, Skits, Dance, Asuna- ta- Ginduna
First Ever International KP Cruise- 7th KP National Cultural Meet
KHF (Kashmir Hindu Foundation) initiative
Video Overview Part-2
  • • Kashmiri Songs and Leelas
  • Ajay Dhar, Jyoti Zutshi, Anjali Pandita, Shyama & Maharaj Dhar
  • •Soulful Poetry in Kashmiri
  • Acclaimed writer and poet from Kuwait- Mrs. Anjali Pandita
  • •Kashmiri Skits- Masterji and Koshur Sholay
  • Neeraj Kaul, Ashish Bambroo, Rajesh Kaul, Liloo Kaul, Jyoti Sumbly, Sanju Salman, Ankit
  • Monga, Rajeev Sumby, Arti Raina Bambroo & Deepak Ganju
    • Melodious Hindi Songs
  • Rohini Hak
  • •Amazing Performances by talented KP kids:
  • Saachi & Rushil Saraf, Yuvika & Esha Salman, Sheen Trisal, Srishti & Sahil Sumbly, Mihira & Ashira Monga and many more.....
  • •BharatNatyam
  • Siya Pandita
  • Asuna-ta-Ginduan- Koshur & Bollywood DJ - Rock the Ship

The theme of KHF's Annual Events as always is “Connect to Kashmir” and the cruise activities were motivated primarily towards reminiscing all that is Kashmiri and also increasing the awareness of the same amongst the younger generation. It was hard to put all the performances together in one video so we created overview videos in 2 parts to provide an eyeball of the event. These highlights are just a glimpse into a wonderful and sincere effort put out by an innovative KP Cultural Meet organizing team which worked diligently to create yet another memorable event. Detailed report is being prepared by our talented MC of the event Mrs. Arti Raina Bambroo.

KP Cruise may have ended, but the memories will linger on.

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Great show. Skis are really hilarious.
Added By Vijay K Raina