Return of Kashmir Hindus not an issue of economic package

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Return of Kashmir Hindus not an issue of economic package.
Jammu, India, July 22, 2014
Joint Statement issued by Dr. Agnishekhar, Convener and Dr. Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman Panun Kashmir

Panun Kashmir is seriously concerned about the increasing influence and sway of militarized Pan Islamic fundamentalism in the entire Kashmir valley and parts of Jammu. The recent developments in Kashmir valley should once again serve as an eye opener to the political class and the governments at the helms in the state and the Centre.

The assault on the Hindu pilgrims at Baltal, on way to Amarnath cave, doesn’t appear to be an isolated event crystallized by a minor altercation between some individuals. It seems to be a glaring symptom of a fundamentalist upsurge whose ambit and sway is increasing with each day. This fundamentalist enterprise has not only destroyed the spirit of coexistence but is powerful enough to make the political class and the government to toe its line or remain a helpless bystander.

It is shocking that the political class in the state and rest of India, as well as the successive governments at the helms in the state and the centre, continue to downplay the growing influence of Pan Islamic ideology in the state. It is shocking that the government at the helms and the political class did not commit themselves beyond cursory statements of dissociation or criticism when Mufti Bashiruddin along with a large segment of leaders sharing his view opposed the return of Kashmiri Hindus and flaunted his support for a Kashmir which is nothing more than a Muslim monolith.

Panun Kashmir urges the government and the political establishment to take note of the public mobilizations, hartals and demonstrations taking place across the Kashmir province in which the participants do not shirk to raise slogans in favor of Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

While terming Vaid Prakash Vaidik’s meeting with Lashkar-e- Toiba (LeT) Hafiz Sayeed recently in Pakistan as highly objectionable; Panun Kashmir expresses its deep anguish over the apologists of such elements in the country.

Spontaneous public protests and rallies invariably after a terrorist of LeT, Jaish-e-Muhammad or Hizbul Mujahideen is arrested or killed reflects a pan-Islamic ferment on the ground.

Panun Kashmir also condemns the role of state administration who were seen hand in glow with the forces responsible for violating the Supreme court ruling viz world famous Martand Teerth at Mattan Anantnag recently.

The pretension of the commitment of the government on the issue of return of internally displaced Kashmiri Hindus in this type of an atmosphere in the province of Kashmir appears both comical and mischievous.

Panun Kashmir hopes that the new government in New Delhi will address the issue of return of Kashmir Hindus as an issue of reversal of genocide and not as an issue of economic package. It hopes that the present government in the Centre will make a radical departure from its predecessors on the issue.

Panun Kashmir urges Government of India to recognize the need of creating a centrally administered Union Territory on the north and east of river Jhelum as the only sustainable and viable means of resettling the internally displaced Kashmiri Hindus in Kashmir and reversing their genocide.

Panun Kashmir reiterates that no other solution for the return of Kashmiri Hindus is acceptable to the Kashmiri Hindus.

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