The Talking Dog

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The Talking Dog
By Saibya
Once upon a time there lived a famous dog. His name was Scubey .He became famous because he could talk. Everyone loved him a lot. But one day he lost his voice. And he also lost his fame. One day he was sitting on a bench in a Fairy Park. After an hour a fairy appeared suddenly before him. He was very shocked to see the fairy. The fairy told him not to get scared of her. I know that your voice has been lost and now you are not famous anymore. On this the dog cried and begged from the fairy. Taking pity, the fairy said to the dog,” let me take you to a place were you can get back your voice and you can be famous again.” When they reached there the dog got his voice back and became famous again.


Saibya is an 8 years old 2nd grade student in Delhi. This is her first attempt at writing for a publication and we at Shehjar wish her the best.
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