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Roseburg, OR-USA, March 23, 2014
The United Nations Human Rights Council, which is currently engaged in its 26th session at Geneva, has placed the issues pertaining to the exiled ethnic minorities of Kashmir including their status as internally displaced persons and a homeland directly under the Indian constitution and jurisprudence on its agenda. According to the current schedule of the Council the debate on the issues relevant to these minorities will ensue on March 28th, 2014. The Chairman of the Council will provide quickly the necessary documents and memoranda by the aggrieved parties to the representatives of the 53 countries who presently are the members of this UN body.

The two prominent organizations namely ASIAN-EURASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS FORUM (AEHF) and DIVERSITY-USA have furnished necessary documentation to the Council's Chairman in support of their demands. In their documents these organizations have further highlighted the oft repeated failures of the Indian establishment towards remedying the already precarious situation, under the pressure of the political war machine of radical Islam. The Asian-Eurasian Human Rights Forum is an NGO enjoying special status with ECOSOC while Diversity-USA is an American think tank on minority issues deeply involved among others in projects and programs of saving and assisting the ethnic minorities of J&K.


In its communiqué the Asian-Eurasian Human Rights Forum has questioned the Indian establishment's policy in designating the exiles as “Migrants” despite massive protests by the impacted communities and national and international organizations. The Forum argued that ethnic minorities did not go in to exile of their free will but were forced out as a result of ethnic cleansing, untold violence by terrorists and the uncontrolled Islamic crusade. They ran for their lives at the point of the Islamic guns. They, however, did not crossed international borders. As such they fall in the category of IDP's under the UNHR charter and definition and that status has been denied to the victims of the Islamic Jihad. In fact India was exploiting this human misery for political ends. The Forum extended full support for creating a homeland for the exiled people.


Diversity-USA on the other hand has charged that what has happened to the religious minorities in Kashmir was the outcome of the over all anti-Hindu policies of the Indian rulers. The might of the vote banks has rendered the modern rulers of India powerless to rule freely, impartially and judiciously.

Because of its communal and divisive component the monster of “Vote Bank Politics” sucked off their capacity to rule rationally therefore, forcing them to mortgage their political conscience to the agents of the India’s former colonial masters and Muslim plunderers. For maintaining control upon India’s governing apparatus this deal became necessary for them. In this unholy game the ethnic minorities of Kashmir for supposedly belonging to “wrong religions” were mercilessly sacrificed. The new unspoken but massively applied “Mantra” of the rulers became “Hindu is the enemy.”



The U.S. Think Tank further charged that the exodus of the ethnic minorities from Kashmir in 1989 has been at the point of Islamic guns and that it was the 7th exodus encountered by these ethnic minorities. Both the Indian as well as the J&K Governments looked the other way as that helped in realizing their cherished goal of the complete Islamization of Kashmir. Although all ethnic minorities suffered tremendously under the rule of the NC+NC (National Congress and National Conference) the Kashmiri Hindus and Sikhs were special targets of the Islamists. A large number of their members were terminated through well planned massacres and finally the entire communities were driven out of their 5,000 year old habitat.

Extending a helping hand to the Islamic subversion of Kashmir the House of Saud’s furnished upwards of $35 billion for building mosques, Madrassas and the teaching of intolerant Wahabi Islam.


Of late Pakistan, described as “America’s No.1, non-NATO ally” by former Secy of State Collin Powell, has introduced narcotics smuggling gangs into the area which threatens the security of the entire region. The funds generated from the narcotics sales are likely to be substantial which could lavishly finance the expansion of the Islamo-terrorist operations in every nook and cranny of the Indian sub-continent. Experts are highly apprehensive that if left unchecked India has the potential of becoming Talibanistan with Kashmir as its HQ.

Commenting upon the Islamo-terrorist influence in India, the document told the HRC, that this influence was so strong that Govt. of India was compelled to disregard the specific directives of the Special Parliamentary committee that the sales and illegal occupations of the ethnic properties after 198-90 should be declared as illegal and “distress sales”. It asked the Govt. to restore the control of these properties to original owners but the authorities threw these directives in to the dust bin.

The lack of action by the UN, UN-HRC, and International Community has emboldened the Wahabis of Kashmir so much that they were now offering bounties for the heads of world leaders. Some time ago Lord Nazir Ahmed, a British member of parliament of Kashmiri Muslim origin in Pakistan offered a bounty of $15 million for the heads of American Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush.


Diversity-USA asserted that one of the significant steps for defeating Islamic terrorism in Kashmir would be to resettle the exiled communities in a territory carved out for their homeland in Kashmir, run under their authority and away from the Saudi imported Wahabbism now in vogue. We ask for your consideration and support for this reasonable plan, memo concluded.

Diversity has recently forwarded a similar plea to the U.S. House Foreign Relations Committee and requested its members to ask President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry to take this issue up with their Indian counterparts ASAP.

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