Save the sinking Boat

We have seen and shared every manner of sufferings, including the genocides and sudden shattering of our homes and property .Pain is the most private experience, but its causes, whether natural or Manmade, demand public accounting and command attention as to invite understanding. Nobody has cared to see the refugee camps of Kashmiri Hindus, where people were starving, and thousands died due to illness, heavier burden of physiological trauma, despair and uncertain future.

Today, many types of fear surround us, one of the most haunting fear is the malicious slander of Politicians, elected or self-styled leaders. Every pain behind the walls reveal the story of injustice, what has been done to our community (Kashmiri Pundits). May be no other community has ever faced such type of atrocities’ compounded with other living problems, and living as Refugees within our own country. In fact the political Pundits and the Journalists have always sided with oppressors, rather than those Victims who have been passing through a traumatic experience for the past over 24 years, just to make their own political mileage and reap their own benefits at our cost.

Since 1990 so many anniversaries have passed the Center and State Government have failed till date for our return back to the Valley .We the Kashmiri Pundits are still living as Refugees in our own Country. Government has not taken any substantial measures until date.In what way they have helped our next generation. The Government has added more miseries than any solution.During the past 24 years to mitigate the holocaust, sufferings and the agony of the people who were thrown out of their homes, nothing has been done positive or constructive instead they have behaved like in a criminal’s fashion all along with us. We have to do away with the injustice, suppressions & orgy.

Why we worry about others who will help and say about us? If we do not act ourselves and perform any action, or we do not conform to the proper standards or perform to the expectations of all, we become stilled in our actions. We evade, hide, and become inactive. If we take a step and believe firmly on our actions, after due deliberations within different groups of our community organizations, through a common window and that does not go against the general standards of decency, then there is no need of any fear of public opinion. We have strength in our Speech and being an educated community, we know our code of conduct too. A day will come when justice will be done. Every pain behind the walls will reveal the story of injustice, what wrong has gone to our community.

We need to learn to do away with the cowardice forcefully instilled injustice to us. We need not to get away from our religion, belief, customs and rituals. The Economic prosperity is also not so good also, but we have adopted many Social evils, which is horribly hurting lower middle class particularly the latest trend adopted in marriage ceremonies and other social events is the most unfortunate. Efforts need to make to educate our brothers and sisters of our community to desist from these unwantedsocial evils. We need not to become more and more self-centered and involve in race and competition with each other asshowing off. We constantly have to deal with uncomfortable moments and situations where people do not bother to look at their faces when talking to them.

We need to understand the evil design of the government policy against our micro community. We are looking for all those HUMAN RIGHTS activists, separatists, Media mongers etc. In a country when a state is complicit in Violence and Genocides with a particular community, the selective community is made to leave their homes and made refugees is very painful.

We need to come out of the cage & integrate with all rest of the Hindu community within our country and abroad. Let us not be publically misused and left in wilderness by our own leaders. It is painful when we hear that some of our own community members are busy in selling our ancestral religious land, misusing our donation funds. The worst is that we cannot ask or seek explanation. Such things ought to be discussed publicly and brought out to a certain conclusion. We have enough such information, but to know abot it and keeping silent is like a bird trying to fly with one wing.

We need to act, within us; we have many treasures, the treasure of thoughts, time and virtues, which we need to use fully. The power within us enables to recognize and use this treasure in a worthwhile way. The Silence is not a therapy these days for healing our wounds, we need not to be quiet and composed, we need to speak and Act. Through reflections, we can change the past, feel, interact, and change the way for future without any pain. Each member of our small community has equal Values, when we recognize equal value of every member, then we stop being illogical. Comparing, competing, feeling superior or inferior, or striving to be what we should not.

In a society that functions, can everyone be a Doctor, Engineer, or a Lawyer? Every one of us has different talent and positions because different tasks need to be fulfilled. if the whole society is to run and achieve our goal, We need a happy coexistence, creating a peaceful atmosphere among us.You know what hurts the most when our own people of the community go against us and adopt their own way which is harmful .

Each one of us has surely been bestowed with a special gift, a gift of Education, let us recognize it and influence as to bring benefit to our community. It is said that the strength of a Community is not measured by the hardships in life, but the strength is measured by the extent of refusal to allow those hardships to dictate them.We need to choose to fight for our cause, rather than giving up in life. This is not only the Majority community who ought to decide the future of Kashmir Valley, we have also equal rights we were the original inhabitants of this Place, we are being deprived to give our opinion about any policy of Kashmir both at central and state level.

We need to go beyond facebook, chatting and twitters, create common web sites, NGO, and lead the community under a Single Line leadership and give Chance to our youth as to come forward. My humble suggestion is if we give chance to our womanfolk to handle the leadership, it will be a blessing in disguise for our future. Of course, we should not indulge in any unprovoked violence, but at the same time, we should also not allow others to do violence on us. Allowing or tolerating injustice is also Adharma,as stated in our scriptures.

How amazing is that the people who forced our exodus are living a lavish life, while the indigenous people are forced into camps with their ancient culture left to decay? They are struggling a hard battle to survive, compounded with old age, illness and loneliness,…….. Well done India!

Meanwhile my suggestion for my community is not to be passive. Pro-actively highlight the in-justice met to us. Let's cultivate decision makers through a single window leadership. Use international forums. Make them aware, we have been treated unfairly in our own country. The fact is that the current government never undertook the issue of Kashmir Hindus seriously. We nned to protect our interests, ourselves.

Do not let ourselves to use as political pawns by other political parties of the valley to garner any type of help from them as few of our community brothers have joined hands with them, which is sad. However, it is a tough balancing act, but this seems to me the only and more mature choice for us at presentis not to seek any help from any political party of the Valley.Instead, we adhere to a Single window Leadership of our own Community organization.

Even after facing the worst Genocides Kashmiri Hindus’ have to Survive and resolutely fight back those Evil forces that had inflicted upon us the Worst crimes of Modern History. We should remember that time waits for no one,” yesterday is History, Tomorrow is Mystery but Today is a gift, that is why it is called Present”. In this challenging world, where we have so many options available let us avail them collectively. Let us not losehope;good times are ahead for our communityagain. We need to have the mindful Revolution under a single Window Leadership.
Bushan Bhat Hali, Chairman Devasthan Pranandakh Samiti, Hall, Pulwama (Kashmir)
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Thank you Mr Hali for your powerful rendition of our plight. I like the way you have portrayed the feelings of the community and the aspirations of the real people of Kashmir who will, with the grace of Lord Shiva, return to their land of faith and fortitude. This is the best "herath kharach" I have ever received just at the right time of SHIVRATRI. My Blessings.
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