Sand Storms of the Mind

Sand Storms of the Mind
*-Meesha Kaw

The wind blows fiercely
Leaving his eyes dry
The sand at his feet
Stirs itself into a tempest
In dizzying whirlpools

He pulls along in the heat
With a motivation in mind
Something appealing in the distance
Soothing and satisfying
Like the cool wet touch of water
On a beggars tongue

A rope lies abandoned on his path
It’s cunning master lies behind the shadows
Unseen by his eyes that were
Concentrated on the future
Just slipping over the present
His right foot gets tangled in the rope
He hops around frantically
Trying to set himself free
Like a wild horse
Not wishing to be tied down by a saddle

Yet the wanderer keeps moving
After untangling himself
The scars remain on his ankles
Not forgotten, but put behind
The wanderer given the false reputation
Of being aimless
Tries to negate the stereotype
By seeking the truth in all that is tangible

But this blind man with his cane
Strolling through the desert of life
It’s rough twists and turns
Even through the darkness
That has strangled his vision
He realizes that once death overcomes life
The value of what is intangible
Has all the while been greater
Than that of what is tangible
And at this the end of his journey
God has left him something
But it is up to him to be able to feel it

God has a token for all of us
Gold, silver or bronze
It’s is up to us to feel the blessing
Within our souls
Sometimes those who can see
Can be more narrow-sighted
Than those who are blind

Meesha Kaw
Age: 19
Birthplace: Sirinagar, Kashmir
Hometown: Chandigargh, Hariyana
Current Residence: Holland, Ohio
School: University of Toledo
Education/Studies: Undergraduate studies in Psychology for Pre-Law and Pre-Med / Sophmore
Hobbies: Humanitarian work, volunteering, writing poems and short stories, tennis, interior decorating...
Future goals: To serve impoverished areas around the world, provide care for abused women and children. Medical School or Law School.
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Keep writing for the magazine Meesha. This is wonderfully, thoughtfully written.
Added By Vijay Trisal
A praiseworthy poetry thoughtfully written.
Added By BL Dhar
A good one.
Added By dolly r
Very nice.Keep it up dear.
Added By Mujeeb Rehman
Proud of you Meesha Mom and Dad
Added By Meenakshi Kaw
Amazing collection .. very well articulated thought ...congrats Ps You are very pretty !!
Added By Nazli Rehman