An Unsound Advice

fter years of serving at the highest levels of judiciary without the glamor of a courtroom drama usually seen in Bollywood movies, Justice Katju is getting ready for action. As one friend recently explained, Justice Katju is on a prowl for glory and a place in history. Endowed with the gift of intelligence and wisdom, he may get both.

The Honorable Justice has earned a stature that most of us can only envy. Experience as judge has conditioned him to remain desensitized to the cases that come before the court. But, there is a marked difference between being desensitized and being insensitive. True to his earlier profession, the Justice has extended the latter approach to dealing with the world that exists outside of the court. The specter of reunification between India and Pakistan is one such insensitive and hypothetical proposition that helps no one except his own ego as author of a radical thought.

As if that weren’t enough, his new-found position has even bought him a free pass to ridicule the nation by calling 90% of Indians, idiots. With the acerbic statement attributed to him, question arises - to which side of the percentage split does the gentleman belong?

How the country would fare if India had remained undivided is anybody's guess. And, how it would do if the two nations were to become one is also an unknown. But what is known for a fact is that reunification is impractical and nearly impossible. The peoples of our two nations, while inextricably intertwined in common social and cultural traditions, and having fought the British together to win freedom have tragically let extreme hostility fester between them. Extending wide and deep, the rift is as unmanageable as it is unimaginable.

In suggesting reunification Justice Katju may have drawn inspiration from the fall of the ‘Berlin Wall’. If that is true, he has disregarded vast dissimilarities that exist between our unique scenarios. Whereas Germans were divided without their consent, we partitioned our nation by choice. It is regrettable that a person of his standing should speak to reunification that serves only to evoke unpleasant reaction from all.

Pakistan has always accused India of
a) not having reconciled to the Partition as a historical fact, and
b) acting like a Big Brother without coming to terms with Pakistan’s independent status.
Justice Katju’s unsolicited remarks have helped reinforce their suspicions and validate their accusations on both accounts.

In a rush to forward his radical idea to solve Kashmir problem, Justice Katju left out a minor detail - whether the proposed reunification is suggested to be with pre or post Bangladesh Pakistan. Today’s Pakistan is a leftover from two fractures, the last one enacted in 1971. Suggesting reunification with the remnant that has embraced a sworn policy of inflicting a thousand cuts on India is not only an unsound advice but it is also downright offensive.

A sham democracy with a begging bowl the size of the country itself; raging fires of radical Islam; intolerance of other religions and minorities; a nurtured culture of deception and untrustworthiness; top rated facilities for terrorist training with terrorism its principal export; well documented expertise in militancy and insurgency; and a constitution that promotes Sharia as law of the land, Pakistan can hardly be considered a suitable candidate for our reunification.

Unite if we must, then Bangladesh would be a better choice.
*Ravi Munshi
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Hi Sir, I see an opportunity here albeit a not very easy one. If we Indians/Hindus look at this subject as an opportunity. Then confidently we can reclaim and civilize the region of Pakistan not just for the sake of the Pakistani Hindus living there but revive, spread and rejuvenate Hinduism and Buddhism again in Pakistan. Let us and all Hindus and our organizations give a thougtht to this and work towards it Regards, Karthik
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