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When we started our 1st issue in August, 2007, about 5.5 years ago, it was only a dream that we would be coming out with issues regularly month after month, with content which would relate to such diverse interests and profiles. Fulfilling your knowledge and informational needs on Kashmir related topics as well as providing you news, views, quality analysis and meaningful entertainment has since been the purpose of our efforts.

We wish to thank you, our readers and writers for bringing us this far, and making it possible for us to keep serving an ever growing readership. Without the untiring efforts of our writers and development team, it would not be possible for us to bring issues at regular intervals. A special mention should be made of these writers and volunteers who have supported us by submitting timely articles and through their programming and web-development efforts. Acharya Surinder Gautama, Shri Gopinath Raina, Dr. Chamanlal Raina, Dr. K.L. Chowdhury, Dr. Satish Ganjoo, Shri P.N. Ganjoo, Shri Chander M Bhat, Shrimati Chandramukhi Ganju, Shrimati Jaya Sibu Raina, Shri Jawaharlal Bhat, Shri B. L. Dhar, Bhumika Raina, Shri Chander M. Bhat, Dr. Anu Munshi Khandhar, Dr. Smita Pandey Bhat, Raman Raina, Arman Koul. Shri KanyaLal Raina, Miss Arti Nehru , D. Jayakrishnan, Gayatri Ganapathy come to mind along with several other people who we are unable to list here. Please do check our profile pages of our wonderful authors at We also thank our poets, artists, singers and musicians including renowned names like Kailash Mehra Sadhu, Neerja Pandit, Arti Kaul, Rajinder Kachroo, Dinanath Wali, Virji Sumbly, Abhay Rustom Sopori, Ashoke Pandit and Veer Munshi for sharing their creativity and talent through the Shehjar website.

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