Interlocutors report has juxtaposed facts with fiction

Interlocutors report has juxtaposed facts with fiction
A Look through the Mist

Daya Sagar
eople of J&K have been the victim of the personal ambition of some, mishandling of the affairs,wrong quotes regarding J&K, unchecked propagation and misrepresentations. Such things also reflectfrom the contents of the final report that the former interlocutors for J&K submitted on 12 Oct 2011 to the Union Home Minister.

As had been written earlier too, the interlocutors report has been a rushed through exercise. Besidesbeing incomplete, it is full of errors. The report suggests for appointment of a constitutionalcommittee that should decide the needed amendments to Constitution of India as well as Constitutionof J&K to be considered by the Parliament of India for incorporation under article 370 (keeping inview the constitutional status as existed before signing of 1952 Delhi Agreement) and evenmodification/abrogation of Article 370 where as so far experts of the same class were advocating thateven parliament of India with absolute majorities can not touch Article 370.

The report erroneously uses the term Pakistan administered Kashmir (PaK) for “Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK)”. For all purposes that area has been officially defined and recognized as “PoK” andsimultaneously quotes 22nd February 1994 Parliament Resolution (that resolves that Pakistan mustvacate the areas of the Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir, which they have occupied throughaggression).

Similarly the report erroneously names the Displaced persons from the same area(1947/48) as Migrants where as the official term used for them as per order No: 1476-C of 1950 dated16.12.1950 issued under the signatures of Sheikh Mohd Abdullah PM of J&K is and has beenDisplaced Persons (DPs). And so erroneously the report recommends that DPs be given the status ofState Subjects (Executive Summary- IX page-8 Road Map) where as they are already State Subjects.

The report on page 39 makes reference of a report of the European Parliament in 2007, authored by Baroness Emma Nicholson, interpreted the ‘four-point formula’ that had emerged from theManmohan Singh-Pervez Musharraf talks as providing self-determination for the former princelyState. The interlocutors should have taken confirmation / explanation from GoI for the reference asmade in the report of the European Parliament in 2007.

Making a reference here would only push the innocent people of J&K into more confusing distress.Government of India must at least now come out with a statement on this since the report has beenuploaded on the Government website. On page 58, item 16 the report says “the order will need to beratified in Parliament and Legislature by margin not less than 2/3rd majority of total members presentand voting”. On page-6 item –V the report even dilutes the scope of the 1947 Accession with India byexcluding even the subjects of foreign affairs and communication by recommending “Parliament willmake no laws applicable to the State unless it relates to country’s internal and external security, andit’s vital economic interests- especially in the areas of energy and access to water resources…“The Interlocutors Report has been kept guarded at the Home Ministry for 7 months. The contents ofthe report required a very serious examination by GoI but it appears that the same was not done. Theimpression that has gone out that the report has been uploaded on a government website withoutactually reading by the concerned authorities. Had any Home Minister read it, the report would nothave been loaded on the website atleast without observations.

The handling of the report by GoI is another demonstration of the non seriousness that GoI and Indianleaders who mattered have shown towards serious J&K affairs right since 1946-47. GoI has all theseyears taken the affairs very lightly but separatists (Anti India elements) have taken their programmes /propaganda /campaigns very seriously. GOI sitting on reports of committees like Saghir Committeereport and 2009 Report (5th PM Working Group report) and Interlocutor for J&K Report 2011 hasbeen providing opportunities to Anti India ( anti India Nation) and Anti GoI elements to cultivateconfusions and anti India views amongst innocent people of J&K (even the outside world).
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