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The Modhera Sun Temple is situated on the bank of  river Pushpavati, 104 Kms from Ahmedabad. This marvelous temple was constructed in the year 1026 AD, established by King Bhimdev of the Solanki dynasty in dedication of Sun God. It is one of the finest architectures of the eleventh century. Konark Sun Temple at Orissa and Martand Sun Temple at Mattan in Jammu and Kashmir are other two famous sun temples in India. The temple is partially in ruins after it was destroyed by the Allauddin Khilji. A visit to the temple complex makes you feel the positive energy and  feel of magnificence of and manifestations of Vedic Gods.

On our way to Temple near Mehsana, Gujarat, India

Surya Kund is a beautifully carved stepped tank that was named after Sun God

Sabha mandap is the hall, where people used to gather for discussions on religious topics

Guda Mandap is the sanctum sanctorum, also known as the main temple.

Ancient Shiva Temple in the compound of the Temple

Temple compound at night

This tree in the compond is a silent witness to destruction to this monument by the Allauddin Khilji

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Nice pictures!!
Added By Amit Kak
Reminds me of the Saraswati Temple in BITS Pilani Campus
Added By Amit Kak
You are so right. I am also from BITS Pilani and that white marble Saraswati temple is fabulous with beautiful carvings.
Added By Deepak Ganju
Totally awesome!! Truly an architectural delight......such detailed carvings.Thanks for sharing such wonderful pics. Talking of the Saraswati Temple in BITS Pilani.... been there few years ago.It is such a serene place....just loved it.
Added By Vandana Kaul
Beautiful pictures and carvings there in makes us tempt to visit it once.thanks for shairing such a beautiful images and the information related to these pictures.
Added By Sunanda Handoo
Beautiful images. Such detailed carvings can be seen in some of Ancient Hindu Temples. Golden era of Hinduism in India.
Added By Sandeep Aima
Indeed nice pictures
Added By Udhey Kumar Aima
Nice illustrations with short title on Sun Temples in India. Some pictures of Konark and Martand , if available may please be published . If permitted I can send some pictures of other Sun Temples.
Added By Rajnath Kaw