Let us learn Kashmiri

Lesson No1

Lesson No2

**About the Authors
Jaya Sibu writes in Hindi and Kashmiri. She is the recipient of Bhagwan Gopinath Research Fellowship. Some of his  Kashmiri poems have been translated by Amrita Pritam in Hindi.  Before migration, she served as  a Senior Teacher  in Kashmir. She also has a Diploma in Domestic sciences. 

Chaman Lal Raina  has specialized  in the teaching of Hindi. He  taught  " Research Methodology Course" at the University of Kashmir and "Teaching of Hindi"  to  the B.Ed Students, through Distance Education Program .   His Monograph on  "Kshemendra" in Kashmiri has been published by the Sahitya Academy, New-Delhi, India. He writes in Hindi, Kashmiri, Sanskrit and English.

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