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A word about ‘Shehjar’

This is the 3rd issue of your e-magazine 'Shehjar' and we in the editorial team are very excited from the overwhelming response the previous versions received. Seeing the conversion of our hazy initial perceptions into a clear and current reality has been immensely motivating to us. We want to keep our efforts ongoing and in the coming months you will see new and improved features. In this edition, besides our usual content, you will find some new videos created exclusively for Shehjar and a few other news videos from Reuters.

Shehjar' e-magazine is not simply a collection of few web based html pages with some text and images, but it has a "personality" of its own. It has heart and soul expressions from our writers and contributors who have offered unconditional love and effort. This must already be known to you after having read the content of various articles.

Most of our content is original and created specifically for first time release to our readers. Each issue of Shehjar is unique and our archive section contains all the past issues. We feel that presentation and delivery are important and that is why we make our best effort to create new designs. Many man-hours are devoted into these areas and we do request your feedback.

We also would like to inform you that with a global membership database and subscription list, Shehjar is read in all 5 continents and in more than 31 countries including India, USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Switzerland, Germany, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Nepal, Fiji, Botswana, Japan, Belgium, Indonesia, China, Sweden, Ireland, Malaysia, Austria, Netherlands, Thailand, Italy, South Africa, France, Zambia, Ghana, Turkey, Pakistan and the Czech Republic. Shehjar is averaging over 10,000 hits per day, having reached 61,163 max hits in a single day and a total of over 600,000 hits in a 2 month period alone. These numbers are only expected to grow as we fully launch ourselves for our entire intended reader-viewer base.

Please keep on providing us with information/ content in word or multimedia format regarding your events, activities and business. Based on relevance and suitability, we would gladly post it for our viewers.

Deepak Ganju

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