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This section is devoted to remember those who have left us. An excellent way to pay homage to those who leave us in sorrow is to keep their memories alive for ever. This section of our journal is devoted to remember our near and dear ones after they pass into Eternity.
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In Everlasting Memory

Master Atul (Cherry)
(23rd Feb.1996 – 27th April 2007)

If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane we would walk right upto the heaven and bring you back. We still feel like it was just yesterday.

It has been six months since you left us, but not for a single moment you have been away from our hearts. Our heart bleeds when we realize that you are not there with us. Life is not same when you are not physically with us. Even though we always feel your presence around & inside us, but then we miss hugging & kissing you. We all remember you and are learning to live with your memories.

With you around, it always felt as if we are visiting our childhood again. When you were around we always cherished your childish innocence & your adult like maturity. The way you handled your illness & associated pains & sufferings, has taught us strength & self control. We are proud that you are a part of our life.


Love u till eternity.

Fondly remembered by :

Mummy , Ma , Daddy Maharaj , Massi’s , Mausaji’s , Mammuji & Bhaya

May your soul rest in eternal peace.

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