Joel Emarisho??s Butterfly Tale

Joel Emarisho’s Butterfly Tale

By Arman Koul

Hello my name is Joel Zigamaritarishimaro Emarisho. I know it’s a tongue twister but that’s what my parents named me, and what parents say is like the law. I’m only 6 years old but people say I’m a genius. I don’t really know why they call me that. Is it because I enjoy reading Shakespeare or is it because I know all my multiplication tables. Okay I admit I am a little smart but except from that I’m a normal 6-year-old.

I like playing sports. I also like to play with my Pokemon cards. Everyone is jealous of my collection because I have 2,986 Pokemon cards. I think the reason of my vast collection is that my parents give me one pack every time I ace a test. Which means I get more Pokemon cards every time I take a test. I personally thought school is something I didn’t need. I am plenty smart already, so why did I have to go to school?

What I really thought was the most nonsense was that one time we had to devote a whole day to studying butterflies. I didn’t even listen to what the teacher was talking about. I just hid another book under my textbook and read that book I had brought from home. I thought that I had better things to do than to learn about butterflies. And anyway what good would it do us to study butterflies? It was always a relief when school got over but that day was the most relief I ever got when the bell rang.

I woke up the following Saturday morning and there was no school. But I still had to go to my friend Will’s birthday party. Will’s whole name is William Timothy Jones. I looked in my drawer for something to wear. Boom! There it was a big orange dotted monarch butterfly right on top of my jeans. I was about to shoe it away but then I thought, "Hey this thing isn’t so bad". I kept looking at the beautiful creature and decided to keep it for a while.

I had been gifted an insect kit for my birthday and it came in handy. From then on I was very fond of butterflies. I actually read my textbook, which had a whole chapter on butterflies and kept that certain monarch butterfly as a pet. I called it Peter Emarisho. I loved to study Peter. Peter was like family to me and I had many adventures with him. I was hoping that I keep Peter for my whole life, even when I would grow up and have children.

But I knew better from all that reading on butterflies. So, I let Peter Emarisho free. Now, I like butterflies and trust textbooks. Now here my story ends and I hope you liked it.
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