Native Language And Human Personality

Native Language And Human Personality
*by Maharaj Kaul,
Sufferin, NY
Acquirement of one’s native language is not something that falls into the categories of survival and other practical living benefits – it is a thing for the development of one’s consciousness. It is an asset in the mental sophistication. The use of the native language strengthens ones psychological identity. Identity is one of the basic infrastructures of the architecture of human mind. A man without a strong identity is a leaf in a storm, a house with a form, a writing without a structure. Human psychological identity provides the glue which shapes the natural human emotions. Examples of the identity-deficient people can seen in the big cities like New York, where many people have come from broken homes, poor and undemocratic countries, personal perilous experiences, with the hope of a new life. Many of these people have fractured personalities.

A thinking person can not follow the common herd of humanity. KP’s are shallow-minded in many ways. A KP’s low self-esteem makes him copy other people and discard his own ways. He suffers from inferiority complex which is highly protected by the armor of ego.

A man can live happily without knowing to speak his native language, but he will make his life richer if he knows to speak his native language.

A child has to be encouraged to speak his native language – that is his parents’ responsibility. But if the child shows a repulsion toward to the native language or later in his life prefers to give it up,, it is his prerogative

One of the many reasons why the western culture has succeeded so well is that it never had to change its language.

A language is an outlet and a shaper of emotions and emotions are the fabric of human life. A well-worn emotional fabric, which has a capability to mend itself if needs be and create a new fabric as necessary, is the desired fabricSubscribe to USA TODAY - 8 weeks for $14 of life. A person deficient in his native language may be somehow deficient in emotional connections to his past and, therefore, his identity. Emotional deficiencies lead to moral and intellectual deficiencies.

It is with this understanding I urge KP families to teach their kids the Kashmiri language. It may not lead to any practical benefit but it will doubtless enhance their emotional lives and keep the connection with the Kashmiri ethos available.

*Maharaj Kaul all his life, has been intrested in understanding human beings: their history, nature, purpose of their being here, potential, and evolution of their thinking and religion. He has taken so far small steps in this direction but intends to continue his work till his last breath.
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