The Evolving Human and the Future World


The Evolving Human and the Future World by Pavan Raina


Format: Hardcover, xxix+178p., Tables; 23cm.

Pub. Date: Jan 2006 , 1st ed.

Publisher: M D Publications Pvt. Ltd.

Language: English

From the Publishers

The book is a critical self-analysis by the author that lays emphasis on the growing importance of materialistic possessions over moral values. A comparison is shown between the pre-historic times and the modern day. It tells us that how in the ancient times people were more inclined towards building close knit relationships with complete harmony as compared to today when all that seems to be important is money. Over the time as humans had made advancement into scientifically equipped world things has started to change. As the humans has started to evolve so is the future world, things would no longer be the same.
Contents Preface

Acknowledgement. Introduction

  1. The swinging mankind
    1. Man the superior animal.
    2. Formation of tribes.
    3. Formation of colonies.
    4. Formation of nation.
    5. The swinging mankind.
    6. Development and the state of realization. vii.
    7. The fast culture.
    8. The conclusion of the third decline.
  2. The logic sense and the nature
    1. Logic sense.
    2. First effective step towards progress.
    3. Improvement in standard of living with the weakening of physical ability.
    4. Semi urbanisation.
    5. Logic sense and the nature.
    6. Mental strings to metal strings.
    7. Capturing the sound. viii.
    8. Transformation age with weakening of ability.
    9. The upright leap.
    10. Jet age or the nose dive.
    11. The last fear.
  3. The humanity element
    1. The humanity element.
    2. The elemental theory..
    3. Growth of the nuclei of mankind..
    4. Formation of outercore of mankind.
    5. Stable element and its orientation.
    6. Human element.
    7. Shift of orientation in constitution (molecular level).
    8. Shift of orientation in respect (atomic level).
    9. Shift of orientation in love (The Nuclei).
  4. Future world and the mental frame
    1. Definition of mental frame.
    2. Mental theory and the nations.
    3. United States.
    4. European countries.
    5. Countries switching for a democratic set up. India. China. The African continent. Gulf Nations. Few global issues of importance on the day. Conclusion.
About the Author: Pavan Raina

Pavan Raina is a chemical engineering graduate from B.H.U Varanasi, and has a brilliant record of working for some of the major Indian companys. Presently working as General Manager (R & D) with Aquatech Systems (Asia) Pvt Ltd. With wife Kirti and two children, he has been living in Pune for last many years. Has a hobby in writing and has published a book titled 'The Evolving Human And The Furture World'. In the book, the author has made an attempt to extrapolate the global situation ahead.


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