My Final Request, Verbatim

My Final Request, Verbatim

*-Meesha Kaw

Do not be with me out of duty

Be with me out of desire

Do not be with me out of guilt

Be with me out of pride

Do not be with me for necessity

Be with me because I’m your dream

Do not be with me out of lust

Be with me out of love

Do not miss me because I’m a part of your world

Miss me because I’m your world

Don’t search for my affection in the absence of my mind

Finding it in someone else --- your weak, restless, unsatisfied, needy heart

Do not fall for these beautiful eyes

But fall into the depths of my soul

Stand true to this and I’m forever yours

For if your heart wanders elsewhere in these deserts

You are misleading the path of my soul with a mirage unknown

My soul does not want the ignorance that is bliss

My soul deserves reality and its gifts

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Meesha Kaw
Age: 19
Birthplace: Sirinagar, Kashmir
Hometown: Chandigargh, Hariyana
Current Residence: Holland, Ohio
School: University of Toledo
Education/Studies: Undergraduate studies in Psychology for Pre-Law and Pre-Med / Sophmore
Hobbies: Humanitarian work, volunteering, writing poems and short stories, tennis, interior decorating...
Future goals: To serve impoverished areas around the world, provide care for abused women and children. Medical School or Law School.

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