Let us learn Kashmiri - 9

Koshur Sabaq--  Navyum
जया तु॒ चमन लाल रैना
 1 Akh अख-One
कोशुर सबक़-- नव्युम
Koshur Sabaq  Navyum
Kashmiri Lesson No 9
Dear Friends and learners,
(Taathew Metraw Tu Hechan waalew)
Namaskar Tu obraya
नमस्कार त॒ ओबरय
 I understand that you are interested in learning the correct pronunciation through audio system. Very nice suggestion from you. We sincerely welcome the suggestion.We are sure that the new lesson would be the audio based. We have talked to the Editor, he has assured me every assistance in making the "Waliw Koshur HeChav" very interesting, for the learners.
Maaya Tu Mohabata Saan 
माय त॒ मोहबत॒ सान
Tuhund -तुहुन्द
Chaman Lal Raina 
Grand-ग्रन्द - Numerals.
2 zu  ज़ु- Two
 Tre त्रे-Three
4 Tsor चोर -Four
5 .PaanCha- पाँछ Five
6 Shey शे -Six
7 Sath सथ - Seven
A'iTh  आठ - Eight 
9 Nav नव -Nine
10 Daha दह- Ten
11 Kaah काह-  Eleven
12 Baah बाह- Twelve
13 Truwah त्रुवाह- Thirteen
14 Tswadah.च्वदाह  Fourteen
15 Pandah पन्दाह Fifteen
16 Shurah शुराह Sixteen
17 Sadad सदाह Seventeen
18 Ardah अरदाह Eighteen
19 Kunwuh कुनवुह Nineteen
20 Wuh     वुह             Twenty
21 Akwuh अक्वुह Twenty one
22 zutowuh ज़तोवुह Twenty two
23  Trowuhत्रोवुह  Twenty three
24 Tsowuh चोवुह Twenty four
25 Puntsih पुन्चुह  Twenty five
26 Shatwuhशतवुह  Twenty six 
27Satowuhसतोवुह Twenty seven 
28 AThowuhअठोवुह Twenty eight
29 Kuntri'h कुनत्रुह  Twenty nineKun in Kashmiri means one, therefore,Kunwuh is 20 less by one, i.e.19 and kuntruh is 30 less by one.
30  Truh   त्रुह    Thirty
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**About the Authors
Jaya Sibu writes in Hindi and Kashmiri. She is the recipient of Bhagwan Gopinath Research Fellowship. Some of his  Kashmiri poems have been translated by Amrita Pritam in Hindi.  Before migration, she served as  a Senior Teacher  in Kashmir. She also has a Diploma in Domestic sciences. 

Chaman Lal Raina  has specialized  in the teaching of Hindi. He  taught  " Research Methodology Course" at the University of Kashmir and "Teaching of Hindi"  to  the B.Ed Students, through Distance Education Program .   His Monograph on  "Kshemendra" in Kashmiri has been published by the Sahitya Academy, New-Delhi, India. He writes in Hindi, Kashmiri, Sanskrit and English.

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How can we access the lessons 1 to 9??
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Pl advise how we can access the lessons 1-9 . Thank you
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